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Oct 17, 2009 06:12 PM

Cocktails near Orris?

Looking for somewhere to have a few cocktails before dinner at Orris.

Anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Il Moro is just a short stroll away.

    1. Place Yuu has an extensive bar.

      2101 Sawtelle (SW corner of Sawtelle & Mississippi).

      Happy aperatifs!

      1. Maybe check out Bar Hayama on Sawtelle. I know they have a lot of sake, not sure about the mixed drink situation. I loved the fire pit outside, but thought the food was pretty mediocre.

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        1. re: Snoopy

          Sadly, no mixed drinks. Bandera might also work, although it's probably further than you want to walk.

        2. Don't know how close, but The Arsenal on Pico???