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Oct 17, 2009 06:07 PM

Kosher in Paris deliberation

I will be in Paris for 2 days the first week of November and am trying to whittle down my dinner/lunch choices. I am currently deliberating between these four for dinner (although I think I am going to Osmose for one dinner): Le Chateaubriande; Brasserie de Belvedere; Jaguar and Osmose. Anyone been to any of these recently. Any specific suggestions/recommendations?

I am also looking for a good kosher grocer that will have a nice selection of bread, cheese, wine and other picnic type food.


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  1. Yossieh, what arrondissement are you staying in? There are many kosher grocers and supermarkets, or grocers with a full kosher section, in Paris and the nearby suburbs. Kosher is usually rendered as "casher" in French, though I've seen kasher and even kosher. A transliteration closer to Hebrew (as opposed to Yiddish) will usually be favoured, as the Jewish community in Paris is about equally composed of Ashkenazi and Sephardim.

    In one supermarket I was in, in the 19th arrondissement near Parc de la Villette, half the surface was kosher. It was easy to find good wine and noshes to take to visit friends who keep kosher.

    Google casher - Paris and your arrondissement. For example if you are staying in the 19th (where these friends live) 75019.

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      Thanks - haven't nailed down where we are staying yet. Any thoughts on any of the restaurants?

      Much appreciated,

    2. Where did you end up going? I've been to Osmose and loved it, but would like to hear about the others.