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Oct 17, 2009 05:40 PM

There is a reason why Amelia's Trattoria gets bad reviews!

We just returned from dinner this evening.

I made the reserv via Open Table--and when we arrived they were moving tables around because "a large party had just cancelled"...

We got our table soon enough but then they continued to move tables which was very noisy in such a small place.

While taking our order-- my dinner companion remarked how the waitor "corrected " his Italian--which we thought funny since he learned to speak Italin as a child and has perfect pronuciation...the waiter was wrong--but whatever...

Our salads arrived--and were heavy on the oil and low on the acid--pretty unbalanced. They were also the same size as the ceasar salad "split" for the two ladies next to in essense...either we overpaid for salad or they got a bonus.

When the entrees arrived--they brought me the wrong thing--but quickly changed it.
My entree was supposed to be Chicken Milanese--- which was decidedly NOT Milanese ....While I am not an expert on all things Italian--NEVER is Milanese served with a chunky tomato sauce and mozz/parm on top---this was probably the kitchens rendition of a chicken parm.
My dinner companions pasta witha short rib Bol. was fine for what it was described to be.

The wait staff completely forgot about us and I was never asked if I wanted wine with dinner etc... and we had to nurse the water glasses because once the tables got busy we never saw the water pitcher again.

When the dessert order arrived--my dinner companion received the wrong item...and the apple tart I order had maybe two tiny slices of apple--Truly I had to search!

Two other things stand out--They charged me $12 for a martini (I had paid just under $7 the night before at Green Street Grill) and
when the tab first arrived, and I put my AmEX on it--and asked if the martini charge was correct--I noticed that when the bill returned with a pen etc the "comment card" which had been put in with the bill previously was removed!

So I left them comments on the back of the tab...

All in all a disappointing meal and service. I would NOT recommend it...even if someone else writing/reading the restaurant guide beginning with a Z had a good meal on occassion ...

food C-
service C-

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  1. Were you at the Amelia's in Cambridge or Somerville? I've been to the one in Cambridge twice and had similar experiences. Salad - way too little acid, mediocre service, and a "panna cotta" that was so tight it was practically scrambled eggs.

    1. We were in Cambridge. When I think more about it--I am so annoyed to have paid so much for such a bad meal and poor service. I should give them a D...

      1. I really don't know how that place stays in business. It is the epitome of mediocrity. It would be forgettable except for the fact that it is notorious how forgettable it is.

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        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          It stays in business because Kendall Square, while getting better, isn't exactly filled with good dining options. The lunch crowd keeps them pretty busy - for those who can afford to take a 2 hr lunch that is! Sheesh, just thinking about that place irks me at how slow they are.

          I also find it funny about the correcting the pronunciation, since the last time I was there for a work lunch, all the workers appeared to be Hispanic, not exactly Italian.

        2. Pretty much every review posted here was bad. I am wondering why you went there anyway? Sounds like the hounds were right on this one.

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          1. re: yumyum

            I was looking for a place I could get a reserv--and within walking from Le Meridien..and the reviews on Zagats online were ok--so I rolled the dice on it.

            The hounds were right--absolutely right.

            Open Table sent me a form for a review and I was only sorry that I had so little space to respond.

            1. re: fogfog

              Next time, Blue Room. Only a block away, great for a business dinner.