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Oct 17, 2009 05:02 PM

ideas please??Need restaurant for group function about 30 people

Hello CHowhounders,
I need to plan(from the easst coast) a dinner party for around 30 academic types most of whom are foodies. Anyone have any suggestions for a hip,fun place with good food that can handle a group?

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  1. Hi there,

    I work for a university and have had a number of really successful events at the Poleng Lounge for up to 40 people. The last time I used them, they set up long tables in the back room (The Temple Room, I think) and served us the banquet menu I chose. There was also a bar where guests could buy a whole range of alcoholic, nonalcoholic, and tea drinks. We didn't cover beverages because they are wicked expensive. We picked up the food and everyone seemed happy to buy their own drinks. It worked for us, anyway!

    I selected their "Barong Tagalog" menu at about $22/head and it was really, really good. There is a whole section about events on their web site with a downloadable PDF of menu options, but in brief, this is what we had:

    Grilled edamame with smoked salt
    Crispy adobo wings (these things are sweet and crunchy spicy and heaven)
    Wok tossed thai basil eggplant
    Poleng tea curry (chicken)
    Long life garlic noodles
    Vanilla bean Ube tapioca

    and something else. I can't quite remember. I remember being very very pleased with the food and the service was top notch. I don't know if he's still there, but I worked with Ryan, who was fantastic. He helped arrange everything and was there the night of the event to see that everything went well. He only charged me for the number of people who actually attended, rather than my estimate, which was great, and also provided us with take-home containers so no food would go to waste.

    All in all, highly recommended. They work with my university all the time, so they are used to academics :)

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      thanks amy-i am going to check it out!!!!