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Oct 17, 2009 03:02 PM

HELP! Need help finding a Baltimore restaurant I saw featured on a cooking show!

HI All,
Awhile back I saw a show on one of the cooking networks that is ALL about Chefs and their favorite places to eat and what they order there.

There was one in B'more for breakfast that did great Huevos (I think) or something similar. We are going up next weekend and I really want to go there for breakfast on Sunday. I thought I'd saved a link (I know I found their website!!!), but now can't find it anywhere on my computer.

Do any of you remember the show or have any idea what it was? I've checked FLN & FTV and nothing rings a bell.

That dish looked so good we almost went BACk Up the next morning for breakfast! I have to find it!!!


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  1. This sounds familiar. The name of the show was "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the Food Network. A quick search on their website shows the episode was about breakfast foods, and the Baltimore restaurant in question was Golden West Cafe, with Duff Goldman's favorite Huevos Montelenos. I recall watching this, I think, though I haven't been to Golden West myself.

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      Yes, sounds like Golden West. Well worth a visit for SouthWestern and other breakfeasts

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        Thank you both so very much! We'll be there next Sunday... Yahoo!!!