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Oct 17, 2009 02:54 PM

Early Breakfast in Honolulu?

We're coming to Honolulu for a conference and the meetings start very early (ie: 6 and 7 am). We're trying to avoid our hotel's breakfast (Hilton Waikaloa) and hit up some local places. We're open to anything from pancakes, crepes, eggs, good pastries to Japanese-style breakfasts or bao and jook.

We will have a car, but something within 5 minutes walking distance would be even better.

Any ideas or should we just find the nearest Starbucks and grab coffee and a pastry?

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  1. Hilton Waikoloa? This hotel is located on the island of Hawaii also referred to as the Big Island and not in Honolulu, which is on the island of Oahu. A little confusing if you have not been to the State of Hawaii. If you are on the Big Island at the Hilton Waikoloa, last I recall, staying there is like a little village unto itself. You have to get on a little boat/ferry depending on where your room is located to get around the hotel grounds. It is a very large property. I would think that your conference organizer would have provided you with some options since you have such an early start 6-7am? I myself have ordered room service or gone to breakfast buffet.

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      I agree with Cousin Anna. There are the King's Shops relatively "close" but I don't know what would be a breakfast possibility there. I gave up staying at the Hilton about 10 years ago as I couldn't deal with the circus like atmosphere and logistics. They do have a very nice spa however.

    2. If you mean the Hilton Hawaiian Village which is in Honolulu and not the Waikoloa, walk across the street to the Wailana Coffee Shop, open 24 hours for a good breakfast. A short drive away is Like Like Drive In, just up the street from Ala Moana Shopping Center, also a 24 hour restaurant. There is also Mac 24-7 in Waikiki, again a short drive from the Hawaiian Village.

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        We are at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu--sorry for all the confusion! Thanks for the tip on the 24 hour places!

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          Mahalo for the correction. Then, I agree with Curiosgeo, on Wailana Coffee Shop. Just across Ala Moana from your property, and very good.

          While HHV has some things going for it, breakfast is not one of them. Best that we've ever found is the little pool bar, Diamondhead side of the Rainbow Tower, Tropics Bar & Grill. The rest are dreck and are to be avoided at all costs.



      2. Agree with all above. If staying at Waikaloa then you might as well eat there.
        Palm Terrace has a buffet. Hawaiian Style Cafel serves breakfast and lunch
        down the street in Kamuela.

        Wailana is pretty good for breakfast since it is in the area of Waikiki. Never ending pancakes. Original Pancake House on Kapiolani. Like Like drive in has more variety. getting hungry ....loco moco...

        1. I agree that you can get a decent breakfast at anytime at Wailana Coffee House and MAC 24-7. Wailani would be the best since it is only a block away but the way Hilton Hawaiian village is designed seems to hold guest hostage in their property. Even though Wailana is only a block away it is quite a long walk. I would also like to suggest Eggs and Things if you have a later conference since they open at 6am. They are closer then MAC 24-7

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            Interesting how everything is relative -- I just returned from a vacation there and I would not use the words "quite a long walk" to describe the distance to the coffee shop. It's right there across the street from the front part of the Hilton property. Yes, the Hilton grounds are big but really not a long walk in my opnion. Don't let the distance discourage you. Breakfast was very good there and so was the coffee. Try the coconut pancakes or the pineapple ones -- or both (our waitress was willing to mix my order). You even get "coconut syrup" Yummy And if you want a break from the local food and seafood -- try "Cheesburger" right down the street. Yes that's the name of it "Cheesebuger" We had lunch there -- fun atmosphere and fantastic Kobe beef burger ... they do breakfast but it opens late I think. Ono (good) onion rings too Relatively inexpensive especially compared to the hotels. Enjoy :)

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              hmm, coconut-pineapple pancakes sound REALLY good! Do they have mango or guava pancakes?