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Oct 17, 2009 02:52 PM

anything similar to Bossa Nova in orange county?

I really love eating bossa nova. If you don't already know, its is a Brazilian restaurant that serves brazilian plates and not the all you can eat bbq style. Well i really love eating here but i can't find anywhere else that is similar to this place outside of los angeles. To be specific i was wondering if anyone knew a place like this orange county. Please let me know of any good brazilian food other than the ALL YOU CAN EAT STYLE.

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  1. streetgourmetla is the king of Brazilian food so he can answer better, but I haven't found it yet.

    Meanwhile, have you tried Rio Brazil Cafe in WLA and Moqueca in Oxnard yet?

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Thanks DU.

      The OC has two chuurascarias. Agora and Amazon, and a South American restaurant called Carvao that claims Argentine/Brazilian style, but there is very little Brazilian influence on the menu. As far as I know there are just the three spots in the OC and neary neighborhoods.

      Culver City isn't very far. I would check out Rio Brazil Cafe, see Nalva at Zabumba's, or go to the CC branch of Pampas Grill.

      1. re: streetgourmetla

        I knew about the churrascarias, but the OP specifically asked for non-AYCE places. Brazilians have a lot more to be proud of than churrasco!

        Carvão Grill is a new one to me. I don't get to Brea particularly often, because it's not exactly chock-a-block with interesting eateries. "Shrimp da Bahia" sounds an awful lot like the ingredient list for moqueca de camarão...

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Shrimp da Bahia and pudim de leite(Brazilian flan)would be the only Brazilian dishes I saw on the menu.The restaurant claims traditions of Brazil and Argentina, but two dishes doesn't really cut it.

          Absolutely, and places like Rio Brazil Cafe will get anyone out of that churrascaria rut. There's yet another churrascaria opening up in Del Mar.Enough with the mediore at best churrascarias, please.

    2. There's a Carvao Grill in the Birch Street/Downtown Brea area, but it's Argentinian cuisine and not Brasilian. It's *not* AYCE; you order off the menu. They have a *fantastic* chimichurri sauce and the few items we've gotten were good. The only reason we don't go too often is that the prices seem a tad high for the smallish portions....

      210 W. Birch St., Unit 102
      Brea, CA 92821
      (714) 990-9140