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Oct 17, 2009 02:44 PM

Dinner near SEATAC Airport


I'm looking for a suggestion for an early dinner between Seattle and SeaTac airport. Have an 8 pm flight on a Tuesday night and will be coming from Seattle.

Certainly nothing fancy or that would take too long. Other than that, hoping to find something local and non-touristy.



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  1. David, Try the Tin Room in Burien.

    1. Or Thirteen Coins It is absolutely local and not touristy at all. For years, it was the only place you could get decent food (as in, not Denny's or McD's) after, say, 10 pm--Seattle has historically not been a late night or even post-theater town. It's from the era of Classy Dining, and I mean that it a good way. But at the same time, it isn't stuck in amber. The service isn't rushed, even if you have a plane to catch (and they're good about keeping you on schedule).

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        if you end up IN the airport, Dish D'Lish is actually worth eating. Cafeteria style, but not like the usual airport grub.

      2. I'd check the board for searches on "Burien". Seems like there's alot of interesting spots that have been popping up down there recently.

        Me personally, before picking up friends from the airport the past couple of times, I've hit up Abruzzi pizza in Normandy Park. Some of the better pizza in the city. I'd call before heading down though, I feel like I remember them having some odd hours (and they may not even be open any more...not too crowded last time I went)

        1. I love Taqueria La Estacion in Burien (on Ambaum, just south of 148th)

          1. One of the best taco trucks in the city is about a block off of Roxbury(south) and on15th between 100th and 98th. Carne Asada tacos are amazing as well as the burritos.

            If you take 99 out of Seattle and merge onto 509 towards the airport- take the Myers Way/White Center exit and it us just around the bend and down the road a bit after you take the third right onto Roxbury-

            Big Al's brewhouse(14th) is a street away from the taco truck(which has covered seating) and Full Tilt (a specialty ice cream shop with aracade games) is just down the street between Roxbury and 98th on 16th. Plus, the Salvadorean Restuarant and Bakery is about a block west of Full Tilt.

            509 takes you to the freeway the back way if you keep following it...