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Oct 17, 2009 02:18 PM

Blue Elephant (Providence) closed?

I was just on Wickenden Street (Providence) this afternoon, and noticed The Blue Elephant looks like it's gone for good. I was surprised to see this since it always seemed busy for breakfast / lunch. It seems like many restaurants have a tough time in that building.

Does anyone know what happened, or are they relocating?

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  1. Closed. I heard because of something like money laundering or some sort of illegitimate money handling.

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    1. re: weekendofsound

      That place is jinxed, I tell you! LOL!

      Actually, since my last posting, I have heard thet the owners were having trouble with the landlord. Apparently, they did quite a bit to "renovate/bringing it up to code" the location before opening and the landlord was to reimburse them. It never happened, and it put them at a "cash disadvantage" from day one. This is what I heard from someone who worked their briefly at the end.

      1. re: OOliver

        In this space now lives Duck and Bunny a Snuggery. Ever skeptical at first I became a convert apres sushi on Friday Evening. Give it a try you won't be let down.

      2. re: weekendofsound the former owner of the Blue Elephant I can assure you that we did not close due to money laundering or anything else illegitimate...but as suspected business dropped significantly when the economy tanked and our overhead was a bit too high to compete in a market place where students were our primary business and we lost the families that we had come to rely on.

      3. My fiancee and I just went to the Duck and Bunny Snuggery for the first time last friday night. It was the name (Snuggery!!) that reeled us in, as we are both fans of cuddling and quirky things....And we were not let down. The restaurant/Bar/Cafe that occupies the space of the former Blue Elephant is a tiny (3 small rooms) bastion of comfort and culinary enjoyment. As my Snuggle-Snot (my pet name for her) and I entered the place, we found ourselves in the 1st room with two chairs, a small couch, and a fireplace. It was just our luck that the two girls seated infront of the fire were just leaving and gave their spot to us. We were told to grab a menu from the front, then just place our order at the bar when ready, but lucking out again the owner (I'm guessing?!) offered to just take our order, as to not have us have to get out of our seats. I ordered dragon green tea and the blue bunny salad (spinich, apple slices, and walnuts, goat cheese), and SS ordered a tropical green tea with their version of a caprese salad. Indulging ourselves we also ordered a strawberry and creme crepe and brie with fig compote. The entire meal was really tasty, but it truely was the atmosphere that put it over the top, we both felt doted on by all the staff and the smell of the fire was intoxicating!!! The only downside I could see was the small nature of the place itself, and my salad could have used a little more depth (I find just spinich a little bland!). All in all a great night for two lowley college students, used to chain restaurants and impersonal service!!!