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Oct 17, 2009 02:06 PM

I've never had Lobster, Mac and Cheese...any recs in Boston?

Is it possible to have a craving for something you've never had?
Looking for a good Lobster Mac and Cheese in the Boston area...any price point will do, preferably in the South End but have car will travel

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  1. Not exactly in the South End, but a short drive, is Publick House in Brookline along Beacon Street. Their Mac and Cheese is outstanding, both gooey and filling, with the large array of filings to add. Which given that you've never had lobster or mac and cheese, why not combine them? And the beer ain't bad either...


    1. Lobster mac & cheese is one of my favorites and I've had more versions then you can imagine. IMHO you need to head to Fat Cat in Quincy Center for the best. Their version is creamy, involves multiple cheeses, is topped with thin slices of tomato and toasted panko breadcrumbs. I truly believe this is the gold standard. A close second is Sky in Norwood. If you want to stay in Boston proper, the Corner Tavern does a respectable version that I would not hesitate to order.

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      1. I really like the Lobster Mac & Cheese at The Capital Grille

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          Very close to the South end, try anrheims in Southie, one block up from the Broadway t stop. Its on their dinner menu, but if you ask they will usually make it for you at lunch. Lobster, peas, bacon, shells, and hot bubbly cheddar sauce. FANTASTIC!

        2. Best version in the South End is at 647 Tremont. You'll love it.

          1. Amrhein's in Southie has a good version.