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Oct 17, 2009 01:50 PM

Martinique Bistro

I need a restaurant for lunch the day we arive in NOLA. It will be 4 of us. We have traveled to Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, New Orleans, together to name a few. We love good food and wine, and when planning a trip, food is the one thing we want to be perfect. We are all partial to French food, that being said, do you think we would enjoy MB? We are meeting another couple who are flying in later in the day, so we wanted to have lunch to hold us over till dinner. Also we will also be going to August, Bistro Daisy and Patois, over the 3 day weekend any feed back? Thanks!!

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  1. All those restaurants are great choices. Martinique is lovely too, but its menu has a lot in common with Patois' (at least the last time I went, which was about a year ago), and Patois is a little better. For a little variety, why not try Cochon (great for lunch, not too formal, easy to access from the highway coming in from the airport). That being said, if contemporary French-style food is really what you're after, Martinique is very reliable. They have less of a Caribbean influence than they used to. Enjoy!

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      Martinique usually does a 4 course special highlighting cuisine of one of islands, so there is enough of a variety and difference to that of Patois' menu to make each worthy of a visit.
      also they offer different settings, especially if you do lunch in the courtyard of MB and then do a dinner at Patois.

      you may also want to check out Vizard's:
      his roast chicken is perfection.

      and Coquette: