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Oct 17, 2009 01:49 PM

Co. Question

Hi everyone

Am seriously thinking of adding Co. to our itinerary when we visit the city in February. The pizza looks like nothing you can get in the UK and overall seems to get good reviews.

I have a question though - do you order one pie per person or one pie between two people? I can never work out portion size etiquette in the States and we're trying to keep entrees down to below $15 pp (+ sides, drink, tax & tip) so one pie each might just push us over that limit unless we both have margerita.


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  1. I'd say one per person is a decent portion size.

    1. At Co., the pies are 11" and are cut into four good-sized, but not huge, slices. We were there for lunch, shared one pie between the two of us (two slices each), did not order anything else other than drinks, and found it adequate for a light meal. Photos can be seen here:

      1. Definitely get one per person, unless you have a miniscule appetite or are looking only to eat it as a snack or very light meal.

        Of course, if you are going to order a slew of apps and a couple desserts, you might be able to get away with one depending on the size of your appetites.

        1. get 1 per person and share them. play it safe with 1 and go nuts on the other. they are very fun with their topping combinations.

          1. It depends on how big your appetite is. For me, one pizza and one of their salads would be plenty to share for two.
            Most of the seating at Co. is at long communal tables, so you will be rubbing elbows with other diners and you can see how big their pizzas are. When my daughter and I were there, the people next to us ordered too much and offered half of their pizza to us. We should have taken them up on it.