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Oct 17, 2009 01:17 PM

Shelton dilemma

Hi all. We need some help in or near Shelton. Our son is to be married in January and we are looking for a place somewhere near Shelton CT as the site for a Rehearsal Dinner for about 50 people. Any suggestions? We have tried Il Palio which we liked, but were hoping for a few more options. Love to hear what people might suggest. Thanks!

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  1. The only other place I can think of is Biagio's Osteria at Ryder's Landing in Stratford. Their website says they can accommodate a private party of 50.

    Barring that, you might consider heading down 34 to New Haven where your choices open up.

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    1. re: plien69

      I'll second Biagios - excellent food. There's also a place in downtown Shelton that looks cute though I've never been in - I think it's called Amici.

      1. re: Ima Foodie

        I've been there once. I enjoyed it a lot and plan to return sometime in the future. They offer well prepared familiar dishes with a nice ambience and friendly service. If you go, bring a flashlight.

    2. I think that "V" in the plaza on Bridgeport Avenue accommodates parties (not sure how large), and Carmine's on 110 also takes parties (though the restaurant is small, the food is delish). I'd give them both a call. No other spots in Shelton come to mind.