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ISO Reasonable Knife Sharpening

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I'm between Hancock Park and Koreatown.

I'm looking for a reasonably priced but good knife sharpening place.


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  1. If you search the boards, you'll find lots of discussion. This is my go to place and, yes, his work is very good and reasonably priced:


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    2. Second the recommendation to Ross. I had a dozen blades sharpened there and it ran me under $100 bucks. Plus, it's right next to the Bradbury building and across the street from El Mercado Centro, giving you a perfect reason to browse through both places . . . and DO browse.

      1. http://www.garysknifesharpening.com/

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          I've seen this guy at Int'l Silks and Woolens. It's very close to me and the prices are good.

          Have you used him?

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            No but I intend to. Did you watch the video of his wife? LOL

        2. There's a guy who has a booth at the Studio City Farmers Market on Sunday mornings and he charges $5-6 per knife.

          Excellent results.