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Oct 17, 2009 12:57 PM

NY Foodies coming to NOLA

Hello all >>

My wife and I are headed to NOLA for a week in November. New to this site, and I've read a lot of great, informative posts which were a huge help in determining our itinerary. Now that the reservations have been made, I just wanted to share our results, and listen to your feedback. We're also looking for other cool stuff to do (between meals of course), so we're open to suggestions!

Breakfasts >> Camelia Grill, Brennan's, Betsy's Pancake, Willie Mae's, and Luke (brunch)
Lunches >>> Commander's, Joey K's, Port O'Call and muffelattas
Dinners >>> Emeril, Bayona, Brigtsen's, Elizabeth, Cochon, Dante's Kitchen

We own 2 Tex-Mex restaurants in NY, enjoy great food & service, and detest chain restaurants >>> please let us know if you think we picked any clunkers!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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  1. I'd skip Brennan's. Elizabeth is more known for their breakfasts. Dante's does a great brunch, if you want to substitute that for a dinner.
    Others to consider are: Patois, Boucherie, Galatoire's, Iris, Martinique Bistro (lunch in their courtyard is nice if weather permits), Mandina's (take the streetcar).
    You might also consider going to Bacchanal Wine for their Sunday "dinner", where guest chefs show off and you buy wine from the wine shop. Bring cash, as the chefs do not take cc's.

    1. I am a New Yorker too, and have traveled to NOLA about 8 times, here are a few of my thoughts.Camellia Grill use to be really good, I have heard mixed things since it reopened after Katrina. I haven't been there since Katrina. I have been to Bayona, a few times, love it. I think everyone should eat at CP at least once while in NOLA. Things to do besides eating, a plantation tour is interesting, the zoo is really nice, as is the aquarium. The Lafayette cemetery right across from the CP is a good place to spend time wandering around after or before lunch. There is the casino if you like to gamble, and just walking the quarter people watching. Jackson Square usually is lively with street performers, and a ride on the St Charles trolley is great for looking at all the old antebellum mansions on the way down to the Cameilla Grill. Have a great time I am going back down for Halloween weekend and am so looking forward to it!

      1. Willie Mae's would fall into the lunch category, I don't even think they do breakfast unless that has changed.

        1. Find a way to make it to Domenica for dinner and order off the small/large plates menu instead of the entrees menu. It's John Besh's new restaurant and it's amazing! Get the risotto, the pasta with fried chicken livers and the gnocci. Maybe drop Elizabeth's for dinner, it's more of a lunch place. And go to Willie Mae's for lunch and be ready for some delicious fried chicken!

          1. FYI Camelia Grill is quite popular on the weekends. Betsy's Pancake is nothing special, typical roadhouse breakfast. I like it, but I wouldn't travel to eat there. There are better breakfast options. Port O'Call makes a mean burger, but not much else if that's what you are looking for. Joey K's is a perfectly fine neighborhood place, with daily specials that are quite good, but again, I think they are probably better options. For muffelattas its Central Grocery of course.