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Oct 17, 2009 12:54 PM

Boston restaurants with no/low salt offerings

Hello All,

This is a part two of a question I asked in the home cooking area. In addition to learning about controlling sodium in my diet, I would like to ask whether anyone knows of restaurants in Boston that are better than others at reducing or eliminating salt in their dishes, or whether certain restaurants have a wider selection available to those of us on restricted diets. This change comes to me rather suddenly and after three weeks in the hospital, I can't think of anything I would like less than to pass on a night out to dinner with family or friends!


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  1. anyplace respectable will do their best to accommodate medical dietary restrictions. bigger chains like legal's and back bay restaurant group are well-geared for this. blue ginger was at the forefront of being food allergy pro-active, but this is not the same.

    you will have to order everything without sauce. all stocks and any sauces made before service (even in-house) will have salt. all the salad dressings will have salt. all the soups will have salt. many veggies or risotto have been parcooked and will have salt. things with cheese or cured meats, like bacon or prosciutto, will have sodium.

    you will have to be a very pro-active diner, but also responsible for being realistic. order plain grilled proteins and ask what they can do for a veg or starch. call ahead, make a reservation and give them a heads-up that you will have some special requests about no salt. this way the kitchen will be prepared.