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Oct 17, 2009 12:29 PM

Feel-better NOLA food?

This is not a very exciting request, but it is at least a timely one. I am getting over the flu and am tired of drinking chicken boullion. I want something better--something soupy and comforting and gentle on the stomach. I don't have the energy to cook, nor do I have the stamina for the Saturday crowds at the grocery stores. I want to order out.

But what should I get? Miso? Pho? Regular chicken noodle soup? Something else? And where? Delivery is preferred, but I'll hop in my car if the place is good enough and relatively close--I live Uptown, near Riverbend. Kind of been wondering about a pho place I've heard of in Harahan. What do you NOLA Chowhounds recommend?

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  1. I'd probably go with pho from Jasmine Cafe. It's not the best, but it's close to you and good enough. August Moon delivers pho, so you might check it out, too. It's not the best either, but hey, they deliver.

    1. Curry Corner does take out. They are run by Sara's, who do that fabulous lemongrass crab bisque. Or take out the spinach, zucchini, crawfish bisque from Jamila's.
      Kim Anh's is in Harahan on Jeff Hwy. and do a good pho.
      or Oriental Triangle on Jeff Hwy does great soups and pot stickers, which always make me feel better.
      Get Well!

      1. Chiming in on the chorus of pho, but also try: black bean soup from Pupuseria La Macarena in Riverbend. Udon in broth from Hana might also do the trick (I think Hana still delivers, too).

          1. Thanks all for the suggestions. So far I've gotten egg drop soup and pot stickers from Oriental Triangle, which really hit the spot last night. Tonight I tried pho from Jazmine Cafe, but I could barely eat any of it. It's not the pho, it's me; I'm not a big fan of star anise, and that little hint of it in there really killed my appetite. Maybe udon or miso soup is next, but the black bean soup is intriguing, too.