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Oct 17, 2009 12:28 PM

Bo Laksa King's--weekend specials

I thought this should be a new topic since it's not about Laksa in Western Canada, but thanks to flowbee on that thread for mentioning the first of BLK's weekend specials.

They have a couple this weekend. The first is a Burmese soup called mohingar. Bo said it took 5 hours to make this fish broth, and it's well worth it. Just as good as the laksa broth. There are rice noodles, cut up fried Chinese donuts, torn up mint leaves, fried onions (?), a lime wedge, and bits of green chili. I also got some red chili powder which definitely made things spicy. The broth is nice and light. Nice lunch for a rainy Sat.

The other dish was the homemade roti canai with another light curry broth with bits of chicken. Haven't had this for a long time. You get two big pieces of the bread and they're cooked right in front of you. It's doughy with that crispy outside. The attached photo is post-broth spillage, so you actually get a bit more than shown.

It looks like they'll have different offerings each weekend. Great start.

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  1. It's a brilliant idea! That would be a good intro into Burmese cuisine for many people. I'm sure that it is also a practice run at a full-blown Burmese resto. (Any sign of pickled tea leaf?)


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      I didn't ask (or know about pickled tea leaf) so I"m not sure. And if this is a practice run for a resto, I'll be more than happy to partake over the upcoming weekends. The roti canai was also good for sopping up the last bits of the mohingar broth

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        I'm thinking of going tomorrow.

        PS Pickled tea leaf is used for the Burmese tea leaf salad. He's probably still having problems sourcing it.

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        Hey Guys, Now you can get (Pickled Tea Leaf Salad) in BLK.

        See You Guys Soon.

      3. Yum! Thanks for posting. I'll be sure to check it out when I'm in town next month. I've never tried Burmese food before.

        1. nice one, lobo! can't wait to try it out!

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            That sounds different than the mohinga I've tried in San Francisco, the only place I've sampled Burmese. Please let this be the beginning of a full Burmese menu!

          2. Managed to try the burmese soup and roti canai yesterday. Got the very last order of roti canai! Thank FSM! The soup was very tasty, slightly sour and spicy. The wife said it reminded her of vietnamese Bun Rieu. There were slices of banana blossom in the soup that you dump on top, and also slices of egg. The noodles included the cut up chinese donut which soak up all the broth (yummy!) and cut up green beans. Bo brought us a dish of some dried shrimp, fish (?), scallop (?) to sprinkle on top. Great stuff. Would order it again if it ever shows up on the weekend special.

            The roti canai was the best I've had in town for a loooooooong time! Crispy on the outside, soft and elastic on the inside. So flaky and croissant-like, it blew me away! The curry soup for dipping was different from either the Burmese fish soup and the laksa curry soup. To us it tasted more like an East Indian type curry flavour, a little saltier, with chunks of chicken. Interesting Burmese take on roti canai.

            He mentioned there would be a Burmese cold noodle salad for the next weekend special, along with roti canai. He really hit a home run with the roti canai!

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            1. Pardon my ignorance, what is the name of this restaurant and where is it?


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                It is called "Bo Laksa King"
                4910 Joyce Street.

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                    I wish I could add a Chowhound "Place Link"...but I haven't been able to do this successfully since they updated the system.