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Oct 17, 2009 12:25 PM

Can someone identify this herb?

My husband brought this back from the market in Greece, but forgot what it was called. It looked a bit like flat leaf parsley but was tougher and more hairy. It tasted delicious in salad and tabouleh. Anyone know what it is?

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  1. Your mention of "hairy" made me wonder if it was a variety of greek oregano similar to this one: maybe?

    1. My guess would be a type of oregano as well.

      1. Lovage, maybe? It wasn't in my dictionary but via Google, the Greek word is λεβίστικο if that rings a bell with your husband.

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          I don't think it was origano, unless it was a really obscure type, but I've seen the origano they sell at the market and it's different. The size of the leaves was about the size of celery leaves. It looks a bit the photos of lovage I see on the internet but hairy. Can you get hairy lovage?

          1. re: loukoumades

            It's not something I eat (or see) often, but I don't recall lovage being particularly "hairy" if you mean long filaments like in that oregano photo. What caught my attention was your description (and use) of it as parsley-like, but I don't know what other parsley varieties/relatives might be available there.

        2. It's definitely not Lovage (this is: ) and it's definitely not Greek Oregano (this is: ). It's frustrating me because it looks so familiar and I can't put my finger on it!

          1. could it be borrage.......a few years ago I grew some and it was kind of hairy and tasted like a mild cucumber.