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Oct 17, 2009 12:15 PM

Splendido, Amuse Bouche, George, or somewhere else?

Hello all, I will be traveling from Ohio to Toronto for the Hockey Hall of Fame inductions in November and already have some plans with friends - a dinner at Colborne Lane, a brunch at Conviction, and a lunch at Canoe. Those noted, I am also going out with an old friend I've not seen in quite some time and we're looking for something great - both food and ambiance.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Splendido would get my vote.

    1. I'd go with Splendido too... although if you're looking for a room with a bit more buzz then you might also look at Nota Bene.

      1. Spledido get my vote too. Though I would call ahead. We dropped by tonight, but it was closed for private function.

        Nota Bene is okay, but louder/trendier.

        -- -- food. is. love.

        1. Seems the answer is pretty unanimous.

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            Out of curiosity - are these recs based on reviews since Chef Lee went to Nota Bene?

            1. re: uhockey

              Yes, I went recently after the changes. It was outstanding - I posted a review here.

              1. re: uhockey

                Yep, I've been twice since the change-over. Would have been thrice, but I was thwarted..!

            2. Hey uhockey

              I didn't post my review yet but I went to Splendido very recently and it was amazing! The service is still up to par, however the tables are very close together. I requested a special table when reserving as it was my 2 year anniversary with my fiance, and ended up getting a 4 person table for just the two of us away from the crowds!

              We shared the charcuterie plate which was excellent, fiance had the boudin noir pork dish where the pork was extremely moist and well accompanied by the corn succotash. I chose the lobster risotto which was extremely creamy and the lobster was perfectly poached in butter. For dessert I definitely recommend the chocolate pot de creme, it is heaven on a dish. We managed to get by with a bottle of wine for $250 which is amazing!