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What's your favorite 'Value Menu' item from the fast food restaurants?

Love the .99 cent bean & cheese burrito from Taco Bell..also, enjoy the .99 cent crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy's...I get a side of honey mustard or ranch dipping sauce..takes the edge off if I'm running around..holds me till dinner.
Jack in the box 2 tacos for .99 cents is another thing of beauty.
Rubio's Fish Taco Tuesday after 2:30pm for $1.25 is delicious and one will do, with a water back with a couple of lemons squeezes.

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  1. well, the double stack and crispy chicken sandwhich are my current favorites. although when kfc used higher quality chicken, the smacker was BY FAR the best item value menu or not i could ever ask for.

    1. Jack in the Box's new $1 burger is probably the best in that category of all the fast food chains. It is large and filling and fast food burger classic.

      Popeye's has a Tuesday special which offers 2 pieces of chicne for 99 cents.

      McDonald's breakfast burrito is decent

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        Thanks rw and RC..I didn't know that JIB had a $1 burger that was actually decent.

      2. I'm with you on the bean burrito from Taco Bell. I also love the Snack size Frito Chili Burrito from Sonic and the baby breakfast burrito from McD's.

        1. I like McD's McDouble a lot. I don't miss the second slice of fake cheese you now have to pay another 20 cents for.

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            I must respectfully disagree Bob. The Double Cheeseburger is Zen perfection in the balance of cheese (or cheese like product) to meat (or meat like product). I gleefully pay the additional $0.19 for the one, true and original double. The McDouble is a poser, not worthy to carry the Double Cheeseburger's water.

            1. re: kmcarr

              I not only don't miss the second slice of cheese, I consider the McDouble an improvement over the original. For whatever reason, the thing doesn't drip grease down the side of my hand now when i eat it while I'm driving.

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                I'm with you, Emm and Bob W. I used to take most of one slice of cheese off my double cheeseburger because the processed cheese to processed meat ratio was just a little off - plus the processed cheese flavor would overwhelm the pickles and onion-like bits. So the McDouble makes me very happy - plus as you said, one can eat it while driving without endangering ones clothes, or fellow drivers.

                1. re: cookie monster

                  I love the McDouble, by outting the one slice of cheez between the patties it actually melts.

                  And in my area, the McDouble is $1, but a double cheeseburger is $1.59, so that 2nd slice is 64 cents more with tax.

                  BTW>>>My wife doesn't like cheese, but a double hamburger is $1.49, so she orders a McDouble NO cheese and saves. It annoys the order taker who always says 'you want a double hamburger?' and she corrects him.

                2. re: Emm

                  Same here. The two-patties-to-one-slice-of-cheese ratio is just right for my tastes. That second slice pushes it into excessive cheesiness territory.

                3. re: kmcarr

                  I'm with you kmcarr

                  The umami of McDonald’s double cheese burger

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                    If I am going to eat one, it'll be the double cheeseburger. I think they are perfect, too, kmcarr!

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                      I'm with you, kmcarr. The Double Cheeseburger is just about the only fast food burger I'll buy, and now that it's off the dollar menu I pony up the extra 19 cents. And to Emm, what's the point of a fast food burger if it doesn't drip a little grease?

                  2. plain baked potato and a small chili at Wendy's

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                      I agree with that. A very filling meal that's easy on the calories and fat as well as the wallet.

                    2. Let me preface this with this is the bottom feeder of junk food and to keep in mind that I think the McRib is swell ... love the faux spongy pork(?).

                      So with it established that I tend to enjoy eating on the wrong side of the tracks and this really isn't a recommendation ... because I think most people would go bleh ...

                      I was checking out the $1 menu at Weinershnitzel today and in addition to a $1 basic dog they had a $1 chilli burger.

                      The burger itself was almost as big as the Jack in the Box $1 cheeseburger. It was topped with a spicy chili sauce. It was mainly a thick sauce with no beans or meat evident. However the whole was good to me. It had a sloppy joe type of appeal ... a sort of deconstructed sloppy joe ... sauce on burger. Temperature-wise the sauce was really hot. I enjoyed that silly burger a lot and may have a new guilty pleasrue.

                      Their value menu also has daily specials like a 50 cent ice cream cone on Monday and a $1 sundae on Sunday

                      They ... they ... also have a ... 99 cent chili fries burrito.

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                        I've always had a sneaking liking for the chilli cheese dogs at Wienerschnitzel, so I'm willing to believe the chilli burger is tasty. The main thing that gets me (there's a Wienerschnitzel a couple of blocks from my house I have to pass by regularly), though, is the mini corndogs.

                      2. $1 BK Double Cheeseburger--i hold pickle, ketchup and mustard and add onion, lettuce, and mayo.

                        Costs an extra 15 cents for the lettuce but eats like a real burger and is pretty big!

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                        1. re: asiansensation007

                          Interesting about changing the condiments.

                          I did a side by side comparison of the McDonald's double cheeseburger, BK double cheeseburger and Jack in the Box big cheeseburger. Taste-wise the BK burger came out way on the bottom.

                          McDonald's was the clear winner. They season their meat nicely and the whole was the best of the three.

                          Burger King does have a nice Rodeo burger with onion rings on it and bbq sauce.

                          The $1 jr. whopper is using a really smaller burger than all the rest, but it does have lettuce, tomato, etc on it.

                          1. re: rworange

                            burger king has a dollar double cheeseburger//i i didnt know that!!

                            1. re: rworange

                              i can get the mcdouble here in Honolulu for $1, but at burger king the whopper jr is $1.39. i usually go for the whopper jr, unless im feeling like a mcscrooge. i figure the onion, tomato, and lettuce are better for me than another mini-patty and a slice of cheese.

                              1. re: KaimukiMan

                                ive been ordering the mcdoubles with the mac sauces.

                          2. Two double cheeseburgers from McDonalds.....minus pickle and with extra ketchup and onions.....can't beat it! Tried the $1.00 BK cheeseburger and hated it!!!! Looked like they manhandled it before it got to me!!!!!

                            1. Taco Bell's Chicken Burrito.

                              1. Went to McD's for lunch today. had a mcdouble, small fries, ExLg iced tea (all soda's for $1) and two apple pies. 4.20 including tax. Enough of everything to have a taste, enough drink to last the afternoon sipping, and an extra pie for a snack later. hard to beat for under $5

                                1. junior whopper, extra pickles & onion. one buck.
                                  will check out the new deal on the double burger.
                                  i have to travel a ways for bk, though micky d is everywhere.
                                  why aren't there more bk outlets?

                                  drink: sonic lemon-berry slush at happy hour. less than a buck (at least in sw fla.).

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                                    perhaps you haven't heard, the franchisees are refusing to sell the dollar jr., it costs them over a dollar to make it. doesnt affect me, they have been $1.39 for a long time here, just jumped to $1.49 this week. Now they are fighting the dollar double cheeseburger for the same reason.


                                    1. re: KaimukiMan

                                      hawaii always pays more for everything, no?

                                      1. re: alkapal

                                        a lot of things, but we can get a mcdouble for a dollar. and the mark-up usually isn't 40 to 50 percent. but yes, many things are higher here, especially in Waikiki and AlaMoana (touristville).

                                  2. I see the commercials for BK's double cheese for $1.00, but went by our local one today and the cheap bastards have it advertised on their sign for $1.49......not that I would eat their crap anyways..........

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                                      i got 3 double cheeseburgers today and they cost 3.21 with tax. great buy! and very cheesy unlike mcds.