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Oct 17, 2009 11:59 AM

What's your favorite 'Value Menu' item from the fast food restaurants?

Love the .99 cent bean & cheese burrito from Taco Bell..also, enjoy the .99 cent crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy's...I get a side of honey mustard or ranch dipping sauce..takes the edge off if I'm running around..holds me till dinner.
Jack in the box 2 tacos for .99 cents is another thing of beauty.
Rubio's Fish Taco Tuesday after 2:30pm for $1.25 is delicious and one will do, with a water back with a couple of lemons squeezes.

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  1. well, the double stack and crispy chicken sandwhich are my current favorites. although when kfc used higher quality chicken, the smacker was BY FAR the best item value menu or not i could ever ask for.

    1. Jack in the Box's new $1 burger is probably the best in that category of all the fast food chains. It is large and filling and fast food burger classic.

      Popeye's has a Tuesday special which offers 2 pieces of chicne for 99 cents.

      McDonald's breakfast burrito is decent

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      1. re: rworange

        Thanks rw and RC..I didn't know that JIB had a $1 burger that was actually decent.

      2. I'm with you on the bean burrito from Taco Bell. I also love the Snack size Frito Chili Burrito from Sonic and the baby breakfast burrito from McD's.

        1. I like McD's McDouble a lot. I don't miss the second slice of fake cheese you now have to pay another 20 cents for.

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          1. re: Bob W

            I must respectfully disagree Bob. The Double Cheeseburger is Zen perfection in the balance of cheese (or cheese like product) to meat (or meat like product). I gleefully pay the additional $0.19 for the one, true and original double. The McDouble is a poser, not worthy to carry the Double Cheeseburger's water.

            1. re: kmcarr

              I not only don't miss the second slice of cheese, I consider the McDouble an improvement over the original. For whatever reason, the thing doesn't drip grease down the side of my hand now when i eat it while I'm driving.

              1. re: Emm

                I'm with you, Emm and Bob W. I used to take most of one slice of cheese off my double cheeseburger because the processed cheese to processed meat ratio was just a little off - plus the processed cheese flavor would overwhelm the pickles and onion-like bits. So the McDouble makes me very happy - plus as you said, one can eat it while driving without endangering ones clothes, or fellow drivers.

                1. re: cookie monster

                  I love the McDouble, by outting the one slice of cheez between the patties it actually melts.

                  And in my area, the McDouble is $1, but a double cheeseburger is $1.59, so that 2nd slice is 64 cents more with tax.

                  BTW>>>My wife doesn't like cheese, but a double hamburger is $1.49, so she orders a McDouble NO cheese and saves. It annoys the order taker who always says 'you want a double hamburger?' and she corrects him.

                2. re: Emm

                  Same here. The two-patties-to-one-slice-of-cheese ratio is just right for my tastes. That second slice pushes it into excessive cheesiness territory.

                3. re: kmcarr

                  I'm with you kmcarr

                  The umami of McDonald’s double cheese burger

                  1. re: kmcarr

                    If I am going to eat one, it'll be the double cheeseburger. I think they are perfect, too, kmcarr!

                    1. re: kmcarr

                      I'm with you, kmcarr. The Double Cheeseburger is just about the only fast food burger I'll buy, and now that it's off the dollar menu I pony up the extra 19 cents. And to Emm, what's the point of a fast food burger if it doesn't drip a little grease?

                  2. plain baked potato and a small chili at Wendy's

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                    1. re: weezycom

                      I agree with that. A very filling meal that's easy on the calories and fat as well as the wallet.