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Oct 17, 2009 11:50 AM

Cambridgeport Farmer's Market

What's the deal with this one? I missed all of the markets this week, and was looking for a Saturday market I could get to. Found out that Cambridgeport market is open Saturdays from 6/9 - 11/28, and is just over the BU Bridge. I trekked over there from Coolidge corner to find....nothing but a sign saying they should be there. ?? Annoyed. Does it really exist?

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  1. Closed today due to the Head of the Charles - will be back next week.

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    1. re: OakTownHound

      Yeah, I guessed that was why, but I didn't find any mention of it anywhere and I checked before I went. I went to the massfarmersmarkets.org site and no mention of the closing at all. No sign at the place where it should have been either. How did you know this?

      1. re: Zatan

        Only reason I knew was because one of the farmers mentioned it to me at the market last week. Otherwise I would've shown up today, just as confused as you.