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Oct 17, 2009 11:03 AM

Restaurants w/i walking distance of 811 Mass Av (Hampton Inn)

Need suggestions for lunch and dinner in this distance. Have tried Petit Robert, (very good) and the Italian restaurant just up the street (Columbus Ave, I think) but these are too far for our present requirements. A relative is arriving to help us out with a medical bit of help and will not be up to such a long walk (no car obviously - an out of towner as are we).

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  1. Toro is about 4 blocks away, and might work. Can get very crowded for dinner, but maybe as a lunch option? There is also a newish Senegalese restaurant (Teranga) right on the corner of Mass Ave & Washington St that was recently discussed here:

    1. You could easily walk to Estragon, a good tapas place at 700 Harrison Avenue near Boston Medical Center. For lunch, Andre's Cafe at 811 Harrison Avenue, even closer to where you will be, has delicious middle eastern food at good prices.

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      1. Your close to Teranga; which I just wrote up. Toro isn't far and Estragon where I recently had a great meal.

        If the weather cooperates, and youfeel a little adventurous, you're close to Speed's (great hot dog cart) for lunch.

        Mike's City Diner isn't bad for breakfast.rt

        1. Third Estragon. Also recommend Blunch, corner of Springfield and Harrison, as a counter-service breakfast/lunch spot: excellent fresh pastries, breads, mini-quiches, sandwiches, wraps, coffee.

          Teranga is a lovely Senegalese fine-dining restaurant on Washington St, interesting (and not too challenging) food at very nice prices. Mike's City Diner next door is a very good American sit-down diner for breakfast and lunch.