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Oct 17, 2009 10:50 AM

JH's Chow Bargain

The Elm Cafe at Broadway & 75th St (across from Pacific Market) has doubled its space and they offer 3 sides with rice for $4.50 (Large) & $2.50 (Small), I took a look and they only had 4 choices. They also have 7 Momo's for $3. I plan on returning and experiment with the $2.50 portion. The place was busy at 12:30.

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  1. it's actually Elmhurst's... I was just realizing this myself: that I always try to lump everything into Jackson Heights. I'm actually more of a fan of the surrounding neighborhoods by far.

    there are other posts about thsi place, i forgot where, but here's a pic of the buffet ive been seeing.
    the shrimp in the shell is stupid good. is it possible I'm supposed to eat the shell?
    not that spicy stuff yet, but the spicy thai sauce on the side is excellent.

    1. what are these sides you speak of? the stuff in the picture on the flickr, below?

      1. had a rare work-from-home day today and gave the place a shot. would give an A-plus for quantity/value and a B for quality.

        three large scoops of food plus a good portion of rice for $4.50. had the chili chicken (not bad, but kind of bland), a portion of bok choy simply stir fried and a shrimp dish that tasted of coconut milk. the flavors kind of blended together in a takeout container, but it was a whole lot of food for the money. the other choices -- there were six in all -- included a tofu thing that looked like, well, tofu and what the server called spaghetti (which looked to be a veggie lo mein).

        not the most spectacular food in the area but i'd certainly return to try more offerings.