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Jan 24, 2005 02:38 AM

Marina del Rey/vicinity thai markets? Need Galanga/lemongrass

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Does anyone know where I can buy galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and other Thai ingredients near Marina del Rey?

The only places I can find mentioned on this site are in Hollywood. Is there anywhere on the westside, or anything closer to me?


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  1. You may have luck at Mitsuwa Market on Centinela just off Venice. Asian (Japanese) foods right in your backyard but a lot of the vegetables should be available...

    1. Not too much closer than MDR to Hollywood, but maybe more convenient for you, is Long Beach. Lots of SE Asian markets on Anaheim Street between Magnolia and Orange. One of the big ones is K-H Supermarket, 915 E. Anaheim, on the north side of the street.

      1. simpang asia
        (across from indo cafe)
        10433 national blvd, palms

        they should have all you need. call ahead-they're very nice about checking what produce is in stock.

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          Hey, thanks! This place had everything I needed, and wow, dirt cheap! Got galangal, Kaffir leaves, lemon grass, green onions, mushrooms, coconut milk, and almond cookies all for $6. I was so amazed I asked the girl if there was a mistake.

          FYI - I stopped at Mitsawa Marketplace on the way, and they did not galangal or lemongrass.