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Oct 17, 2009 10:10 AM

10 Arts, Osteria or James

These are the 3 places we are now considering for anniversary. While we really want to go back to Vetri- which is our all time favorite- we are going on a weekend and last year our bill was over $400 and we are trying to have a nice dinner for less than that this year. My husband does not want to do Amada or Zahav- which were my first 2 choices.

We have been to James and Osteria,but never 10 Arts. How is it?

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  1. It's not worth the prices they're charging, but I haven't been there since they opened.

    1. I would pick James of those three... I love Osteria but for me it feels less like a special occasion place than James.

      I second Buckethead as far as 10 Arts, though it's been a year since I've been there... I ate there for a business lunch last summer and while it was a tasty meal, there was nothing that would inspire me to return to spend my own money there.

      Enjoy your meal!

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        Call Bibou, and ask for a 5:30pm reservation, or earlier, the soonest you can get. Celebrate your anniversary on a different day: you won't be sorry.

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          Absolutely second this. We're in the same boat as the OP. We went to Vetri last year and although it was spectacular it's just too much money right now.

          So, that's what my husband and are doing this year, going to Bibou -- it's our 25th! And having been there many many times since they opened, we know it will be very special and won't disappoint!

      2. So, we are now thinking of going back to the Vetri, and just celebrating on week night instead of week day...

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          I second Bibou---high quality food, BYOB and nice atmosphere.............has been written up in the new york times and now reservations are hard to come by

        2. My friends and I ate at 10 Arts for Restaurant Week in September. It was delicious, and even with the limited menu selections, there was something for everyone (and they accomodated my vegan friend's no-cheese request on one dish). Our plates were completely cleaned at the end of each course! I had an heirloom tomato and fancy ricotta salad to start, then steak frites (hangar steak), and some sort of Snickers-themed chocolate/peanut butter dessert. Other dishes included a white gazpacho, short ribs, scallops... my only food complaint was that I am a purist and I wasn't a fan of the homemade ketchup for my frites. :o For the fixed $35 price, it was a great deal.

          I haven't been to Osteria or James so I can't compare, sorry.

          640 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

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            Sounds good. I have never had a homemade ketchup that is as good as Heinz.

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              I agree that Bibou is great. We ate at 10 ARts during Restaurant Week and enjoyed it very much -- much more than when we ate there shortly after they opened. Between Osteria and James, we much prefer Osteria -- it and Bibou are on our "must eat there once a month list" -- while we felt the portions at James were ridiculously small for the price.

              640 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

              1009 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147