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Where can I get a beer growler filled in Southern Connecticut?

  • marktm Oct 17, 2009 09:13 AM
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Where can I get a beer growler filled in Southern Connecticut?

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  1. I think down at New England brewing in Woodbridge

    1. New England Brewing- Try the SeaHag..Great! 7 Sedon St Woodbridge CT

      1. More central ct. but definitely worth the drive!

        1. I asked the owner of New England Brewing via email, and he responded within a few hours. I pointed him to this thread, but hasn't stopped in yet. I guess it's been long enough to post this:

          Hello Rat Buddy,
          Yes we do fill growlers and have growlers for those who need them. Our regular beers are $10 fills ($3 for growler) seasonal may be more expensive depending on the beer.
          I was going to reply on the thread, but I’m not a member.
          Thank you for the heads up!


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            They are great people. They have beers that are only available at the brewery and not in retail locations.

          2. Southport Brewing Company (SBC) has growlers. Several locations, including Fairfield and Stamford in Southern CT.

            Southport Brewing Company
            2600 Post Rd Ste 201, Southport, CT 06890