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In town for medical treatment, looking for organic food/free range meats

We are in town for a week for medical treatment (staying in Century City near the medical facility).

We would like to eat good food mostly organic (or at least local farm grown/no pesticides) and free range meats.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you can, go to the various farmer's markets. Google california farmers market locations and days. You are fairly close to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Westwood.

      in Culver City.

      1. for japanese organic food ( they serve no meat whatsoever),
        i'd go downtown to shojin restaurant.
        i prefer their extensive dinner menu to their more limited lunch menu.

        (if you keep scrolling down, you'll see pictures of most of their delicious food:


        1. Rustic Canyon


          I have been many times - find it better and more reasonably priced than Akasha, which is not bad, just not top-of-the-list.

          M cafe is also good, but because of its macrobiotic approach may have fewer options for you.

          Real Food Daily is vegan and also limited but ok in a pinch.

          Since you are in Century City, Clementine's could be very convenient. They use farmer's market ingredients and prepare fresh from scratch.


          1. le pain quotidien. there is one in santa monica, two in brentwood, one in beverly hills. the produce is mostly organic, as are the eggs and milk. amici restaurant in brentwood uses quite a bit of organic produce, and i think the chicken is organic, or at least free range. if you are wanting actual produce papas organic delivers fruit/veggies as well as many grocery items. their stuff is delicious and the owner is very conscientious about what he buys and who he buys it from.

            1. Kreation Kafe in Santa Monica

              Literati Cafe at Wilshire and Bundy

              A Votre Sante at San Vicente and 26th

              Natura Cafe at 3rd and Sweetzer ... I know it's closer to Cedars :(

              Bloom Cafe http://www.bloomcafe.com

              Red Organic Cafe in Santa Monica

              Newsroom Cafe on Robertson

              The Cabbage Patch in Beverly Hills

              Joey's Cafe - great breakfasts in West Hollywood

              Hugo's in West Hollywood

              Wishing you the best in treatment and recovery!!

              1. Lindner Bison sells grass fed, free-range bison from northern California at farmers' markets in Hollywood and Long Beach. There are a couple of restaurants (Santa Monica? Venice?) that serve their meats. A contact phone number is listed on the website: http://lindnerbison.com

                1. Urth in West Hollywood. Jack Sprat's in West LA. There is also a Farmers' Market in Century City on Thursday afternoons (I believe). Gelsons Market is a high-end supermarket in the Century City Mall and will probably have some options that will suit you. There is also a Whole Foods in Beverly Hills. To give you a sense of where you will be, Century City is adjacent to Beverly Hills on the east, and West LA on the west. Although you might have heard that LA is sprawling, you are going to be extremely centrally located to most of what is considered the Westside--which probably has the highest concentration of restaurants and grocery stores that serve organic and/or locally grown products in the area. If you have a car this will all be easy. A little more complicated if you don't. Good luck.

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                    fwiw, whole foods is the only store of that i know of that serves deli meats that are NOT pumped full of chemicals--no sodium nitrates, nitrites, etc.
                    irrc applegate farms is their supplier for deli meats.
                    gelsons uses the same factory-farmed-then-pumped-full-of-chemicals stuff that all the 'regular' stores do (i.e boars head).

                    1. re: westsidegal

                      For what it is worth, one more comment about grass fed meats from the fresh meat counter at Whole Foods; they don't really have any. Whole Foods has grass fed meats that, if you ask for details, are grain finished. That process pretty much wrecks the saturated fat and omega 6 fat contents (they go way up) and the omega 3 content (what little there is to begin with goes down further). It pretty much ends up like the obese-meat in conventional markets although it may have a smaller carbon foot print due to the animals' initial diet.