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Oct 17, 2009 09:11 AM

In town for medical treatment, looking for organic food/free range meats

We are in town for a week for medical treatment (staying in Century City near the medical facility).

We would like to eat good food mostly organic (or at least local farm grown/no pesticides) and free range meats.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you can, go to the various farmer's markets. Google california farmers market locations and days. You are fairly close to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Westwood.

      in Culver City.

      1. for japanese organic food ( they serve no meat whatsoever),
        i'd go downtown to shojin restaurant.
        i prefer their extensive dinner menu to their more limited lunch menu.

        (if you keep scrolling down, you'll see pictures of most of their delicious food:

        1. Rustic Canyon

          I have been many times - find it better and more reasonably priced than Akasha, which is not bad, just not top-of-the-list.

          M cafe is also good, but because of its macrobiotic approach may have fewer options for you.

          Real Food Daily is vegan and also limited but ok in a pinch.

          Since you are in Century City, Clementine's could be very convenient. They use farmer's market ingredients and prepare fresh from scratch.

          1. le pain quotidien. there is one in santa monica, two in brentwood, one in beverly hills. the produce is mostly organic, as are the eggs and milk. amici restaurant in brentwood uses quite a bit of organic produce, and i think the chicken is organic, or at least free range. if you are wanting actual produce papas organic delivers fruit/veggies as well as many grocery items. their stuff is delicious and the owner is very conscientious about what he buys and who he buys it from.