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Oct 17, 2009 08:51 AM

Anything edible in Manassas / Centreville?

We're going out on a long overdue date night to see a movie and need a low-to-mid price range spot. Since we used to live there, we've been to places like Foundation, Okra's, and Silverado, which seem to be some of the better spots -- but it's been a couple of years.

Wondering if there are any other places we might have missed worth checking out before the movie.

Open to most anything, except Sushi (love it, but not in the mood for cold food).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have always enjoyed Panino in Manassas. It has been a few years, though, since I have been.

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        It wasn't. Awful, waaaay overpriced food. Wish we had gone (almost) anywhere else.

    1. Pho Bistro in Centreville. It's in the same shopping center as the Grand Mart international supermarket on Lee Highway/Rt 29.

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        Pho Hot in Centreville, about a block from Pho Bistro, is supposed to be very good too.

      2. I love Espresso in Manassas ( They have great grilled chicken over coals that make the bar area warm and inviting, but have a nicer dining room if you prefer. It is my favorite Portuguese place in this region. I know people who go wild for their grilled garlic shrimp. I like the salt cod dishes and the pork and clams, and the steak.

        Also Okra's in Old Town Manassas ( is very good- great for this time of year. I didn't eat a dessert there, but saw them served. Home made goodness.

        Centreville, I enjoy the Vietnamese and Korean places - the Korean places seem all pretty good.