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Oct 17, 2009 08:38 AM

Boston to Shelburne Vt

Driving to vt this week for a couple of days any recs on where to get lunch/ dinner in Shelburne? Any fun stops along the way?

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  1. Black Sheep Bistro
    253 Main St, Vergennes, VT
    (802) 877-9991 ‎

    The Inn at Shelburne Farms -
    1611 Harbor Rd, Shelburne, VT - (802) 985-8498
    "The Inn at Shelburne Farms is a magical place.

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    1. re: HOWZAT

      Black Sheep and Starry Night are terrific. I LOVE the Inn at Shelburne Farms!
      For a very upscale dinner, Christoph's on the Green in Vergennes is a treat.
      Storm Cafe in Middlebury is wonderful for lunch, as is Tully and Marie's in Middlebury. I also have had some great meals at NECI in Burlington, VT.

      1. re: allieb2031

        Christophe's is closed and Inn at Shelburne Farms is seasonal (may already be closed for 2009), NECCI in Burlington is closed.

      2. re: HOWZAT

        Inn at Shelburne Farms is closed for the season.

        I am not nearly as excited about BSB as many. Seating is impossibly uncomfortable, service is weird, food is hit or miss.

      3. I believe the Inn at Shelburne Farms closes on 10/18. Several good spots in Burlington, if you are going that far.

        1. Bistro Sauce is great for lunch in Shelburne, and I love Starry Night Cafe in Ferrrisburgh (next town over) for dinner. On your drive up, Quechee is a fun stop, with dramatic views from Quechee Gorge, the Cabot cheese shop and antique mall, and Simon Pearce restaurant and glassblowing shop.

          Starry Night Cafe
          5467 Route Seven, Ferrisburgh, VT 05456

          Bistro Sauce
          97 Falls Rd, Shelburne, VT 05482

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          1. re: Raedia

            We had a dreadful lunch at Bistro Sauce in Shelburne today. Poor on every level. Waiting forever for service, bland food and tiny portions for half of the table. (Beet salad and hominy dishes were bland AND embarrassingly small.) They charged six dollars for a tiny piece of boring cheese. No bread with the meal. Hot cider served in a water glass. We will not be back.

          2. Christophe's in Vergennes is no longer in operation.

            1. I live in Shelburne, and have tried all the places mentioned so far. My preference for dinner right in town: the Bearded Frog. It's owned by the same chef as the Black Sheep Bistro, but is larger, with a more varied menu. Truth be told, I've had better luck with the pub menu than the regular menu, though. Plus, the bar is a cozier place to hang out. I'd recommenc the amazing burgers, made from the end cuts of filet mignon. And ask for their largest mug of Switchback (a local microbrew) - big enough to serve several thirsty friends.

              For breakfast or lunch, I'd recommend the Open Arms Cafe, a warm, bright little organic localvore cafe on Harbor Rd (a short walk from the Bearded Frog.) Vegan friendly, with great meat options like Cuban sandwiches and stellar soups.

              For fine dining in Shelburne, try Cafe Shelburne (mostly French and continental). Most dishes are excellent, though I have had fish and seafood that was overcooked/oversalted (for some reason few Vermont restaurants know how to cook fish properly.) Meats/poultry dishes have all been very good.

              Bistro Sauce is wildly overrated, in my experience. I have given it four tries, and have consistently received poor service and spotty food (e.g. burgers requested rare came charred black, salad greens were wilted) It does have a lovely patio, but I'm afraid we're past the season for that. I have also had bad luck recently at the Inn at Shelburne Farms, which has a new chef. Service has slid. and food, which used to be exquisite, is all over the map. (I actually had to send a dish back, which I have never done at any restaurant, ever.


              Further afield (about 30 minutes down Rt. 7, past Vergennes), is a new French restaurant that's been getting terrific press. Tourterelle is in a renovated old farmhouse, and has an intriguing menu.

              Let us know where you end up!

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              1. re: vjpam

                We LOVE Tourterelle. Outstanding food and service. (Bouillabaisse is fabulous.) Flourless chocolate cake, Vermont cheese, amazing crepes, and several outstanding wines offered by the glass. Surprisingly exciting bar scene, with people of all ages. This place is a real Vermont star. Worth the drive from anywhere nearby.