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Oct 17, 2009 08:36 AM

Amy Pitaki is back at the Toronto Star

This column about food safety in Toronto restaurants is hardly a good re-entry to the restaurant review game, after a year of knowledgeable, insightful reviews by her maternity replacement..

Are we to get a series of reviews for the prissy? The allergic? The politically correct?

The GTA has lost one good food critic, and retained the rest.

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  1. Corey Mintz and SarahPolley - small world!!

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    1. re: mramage

      i know, it was a good read, but i must admit i related to it more as a gossip column than food column. am looking forward to the next entry, although am still not clear on what the focus/angle of his new column is meant to be.

    2. I find Amy Pataki's writing dry and tired. I really enjoyed reading Corey Mintz all this time and feel that Toronto Star should make him their regular critic. I think it's too bad he finally 'revealed' himself to some people cause I'd really like to see him do more reviewing.

      I think I posted this somewhere else, but the Toronto Star USED to have the BEST food section of all the papers but it has slipped tremendously since Marion Kane left. It also used to be much thicker and have it's own section whereas now, it's bunched in with all sorts of other things, and I know it's a result of newspaper cutbacks. But still.