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Oct 17, 2009 08:16 AM

Any new or interesting South Asian in JH or elsewhere?

I'm a veteran of Spicy Mina (and the other, less interesting JH spots - e.g., Jackson Diner), and have more recently tried Desi Biryani and Mehfil. Is there anything new/interesting/overlooked that I should know about?

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  1. little known kababish is probably my fav. delhi heights is about a year old. quality place, nice atmosphere, most people dig it. I also prefer al naimet for buffet.

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      Thanks for the recs.
      We actually ended up at Southern Spice in Flushing (143-06 45th Ave., near Bowne). Went there after reading the following:

      We followed the recommendations of the writers and went with an order of Chicken 65, lamb sukka varuval, pappu kooraku, and garlic naan (unfortunately they were out of the tandoori paneer, which we had wanted to try). Service was a bit slow, but the food was incredibly flavorful- the chicken and lamb dishes in particular were quite interestingly-spiced. Spinach/lentil mash was earthy and garlicky, naan was perfect. Unfortunately we didn't get to try the shark mash.
      I don't have much to add to the reviews that I linked above. Would definitely go back. Fun place.

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        southern spice has been intensively discussed on chowhound. most seem to love it.
        see this thread:

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        Is there another Kababish I'm not aware of? The one that I'm thinking of has awesome food. But I would describe it as a dive. It's on Broadway, around the corner from the paratha place.

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          There is a Kababish 1 on Broadway as you mention, take out only and barely enough room to stand. There was a "sit down" Kababish ll on 74 street, though it seems to have closed. I think it is now Delhib Heights but I'm not sure.

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            it closed about a year ago and delhi heights opened shortly thereafter. they make a good one-two punch for me. kababish for bang for the buck and delhi heights for the splurge. i love both -- the quail at kababish is one of the best bargains around.

      3. I was about to post the same question - planning on the Jackson DIner, but looking for newer and cheaper. WIll also be feeding kids. Any new ideas?

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          I find the newer places like Delhi Heights and Mefhil to be much better then the Jackson Diner. The former is a little pricier. The latter has this sweet tomato chutney that I can't stop eating on everything.

        2. ohh, hyderabi (sp?) around the corner from spicy mina is pretty new I think. some interesting stuff there.

          1. Tried a terrific new place, Herb International Soup Factory, when in College Point yesterday for the Jack Price march and rally. Aside from their changing daily specials, the menu consists of 6 soups (lentil w/lamb & mixed vegetables, chicken w/rice & mixed vegetables, pumpkin with mixed vegetables, Indian dal (red lentils) & mixed vegetables, noodle & mixed vegetables, and lamb & mixed vegetables) and 4 stews (okra with mixed vegetables, ground lamb with mixed vegetables, chicken tandori masala with mixed vegetables, chicken curry with mixed vegetables). I had the (vegetarian) Indian dal soup which was delicious, and my husband enjoyed his (daily special) chicken with lentil soup.

            One owner is from India, and his partner is Afghan, which I was told to explain the (fresh, delicious) Afghan bread provided with the soup. The soups and stews are all 16 oz., with the soups running $3.00 or $3.50, and the stews all $4.00.

            So - the set-up seems largely geared to be a take-out place, but it's rather lovely and comfortable inside. We enjoyed a '70's Bollywood film on the screen as we had our lunch. A section of the place is also nicely set-up as a retail and wholesale market. Nice guy overseeing the place too.

            Herb International Soup Factory
            150-20 College Point Boulevard (at 18th Ave.)
            College Point
            (718) 886-2266

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              cool! great find! this is walking distance from the Main Street 7 station? or you gotta hop on the Q11 or one of those buses?

              1. re: bigjeff

                It felt like a find - I expected to get on Chowhound and find it had already been talked to death. I wish it would open up near me in Astoria...

                I think it's too far to be considered walking distance from the Main Street 7 station. The Q65 from Main Street & Roosevelt will take you there. Heading in the direction of the restaurant from Main Street, it's on the left side of the street (not sure - I think that's the south side).

              2. re: round2

                There. is. so. much. in. Queens.
                Thank you.

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                  couldn't googlemap the Herb International soup factory.

                  Is the address correct?

                  1. re: aagouti

                    Hmmm. I googled "Herb International" and "College Point" and got a few links, including one for listing it at 15-20 College Point Boulevard. I think this must be correct, because it is inbetween 15th Ave. and 18th Ave. on College Point Blvd. Sorry for the mistake - I took the address right off their to-go menu!

                    1. re: round2

                      no worries on the address tweak....this sounds like a must try...thanks for the heads up!