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Oct 17, 2009 08:10 AM

DFW: Spanish Tapas and Olives??

On our recent trip to Spain, we had some wonderful tapas and olives along with some great sangria and wine. I would like some help finding the best current establishments that offer some of what we had in Spain. I am willing to travel. Also, if anyone can recommend a particular brand of Spanish olives from a grocery store or restaurant, it will be much appreciated. Don't let me down hounds!

The pictures are a small sample of all the tapas/olives we had.

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  1. I like Cafe Madrid and De Tapas.

    I also still need to go to Si Tapas, which is run by Hola's owner:

    Also if you find Huevos Rotos/Estrellados, please let me know as I have have never seen that item in any Dallas tapas restaurant. Thanks to Kirk, for recommending that I try this specific dish out at Taberna Del Alabardero when I went to Seattle. Overall that restaurant's menu seemed much more authentic than what I've seen locally here.

    More info on the dish: it is basically broken eggs over french fries - which were cooked with truffle oil, giving the fries a nice crispy texture. I'm not completely sure on why they have different names though, it could be a regional thing.

    I had a variation called huevos rotos con virutas de iberico, or broken eggs over french fries and Iberican ham, and for such a simple dish, it is quite decadent. I think some places do it with serrano ham too.

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      The last time we were at Cafe Madrid, we weren't extremely impressed. A friend of ours had quail that was pretty tough. Wasn't terrible, just not impressive.

      However, Sangria came very highly recommended from a very sweet bartender at Cru. Haven't been yet, but haven't heard anything negative about it.

      Several years back, I worked at Cafe Malaga in Mckinney. The tapas were superb, but i have heard that they have slid downhill over the past year (sad). But, if you're in the area, the lamb kebabs and goat cheese stuffed piquillo peppers are consistent from what i hear. Wonderful crema catalana, also.

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        ChowChick (Joanna) and I had a decent enough dinner at Madrid, but there were a few off items (certainly the dry uninspired quail dish). however, what we ordered was nice, probably safe. The bread is incredible. I hear the sangria is not all the good for what you pay. We had wine and cocktails. Good wines.

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        Photos of what? Is that a tapa of french fries?? Is it a Happy Meal?

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          Wow, really? I thought you read my other reply? I discussed a dish and just forgot to add in some pictures of it.

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            She didn't, and wanted to apologize. She's away from her pc. It truly does sound wonderful, air.

      2. jamie,

        si tapas is head and shoulders above the other tapas joints.. i heard service can be spotty; though i personally haven't experienced it. ...well, they did charge me for several dishes that never made it to my table once. be sure to order the rice dish.

        Si Tapas
        2207 allen st.
        (214) 720- 0324

        1. Jaime,

          My wife lived in Spain for a while, so she is constantly seeking out authentic tapas here in Dallas. Before it closed, Hola was - without question - her favorite. She found both the food and the atmosphere to be very authentic. Alas, it closed.

          We have been to all of the places so far mentioned in this thread. Regarding the individual dishes, she thinks Si Tapas is the best/most authentic. But, she was somewhat disappointed in the atmosphere, which according to her was, "not at all like Spain...which is one thing [she] loved about Hola."

          She likes the atmosphere of Cafe Madrid, but has never been all that impressed with the food.

          She thinks Sangria is unquestionably at the bottom of the list.

          Keep in mind her opinions are from an American's what she believes is authentic/good is, of course, subjective.

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            We have been to Sangrias on several occasions. The service can be absolutely awesome or just so so. Their food has always been very consistent. You should check their drink specials - they were doing 1/2 wine on Tuesday or Wednesday night and we scored a few bottles of Silver Oak for like $45 or so....thier bottomless Sangria on their weekend brunch is a deal if you like that kind of thing. I go mainly to sit on the patio during nice weather and enjoy a few minutes of down time. We have tried the menu pretty extensively and there are no real losers. The Hangar steak has always been perfectly executed and their different ceviches is awesome. Have fun!

          2. Si tapas is great and the sangria is cheaper than most other places. I really enjoyed most of the dishes but the patatas bravas are much better at De Tapas. But, I do not recommend the paella at De Tapas. I've ordered it two times and it's been average at best.