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Wheelchair Accessable in Charleston SC

We are headed to Charleston for a few days of food and relaxation. We have spent many days there in the past and are always looking for good places to eat in the old part of town. We are staying at the Days Inn on Meeting St and like to take in the sights on foot or in my wife's case wheels as she uses a power wheelchair. We have in the past called restaurants in advance to confirm accessibility and had to pass on some good eats due to the lack thereof. One of the first we called said "sure come on, it's only two steps up". We went and it took three burly guys to lift wife and chair up 5-6 steps up to the hostess stand and then 4-5 steps down to the dining room. We found later that the back door was just two steps down and easy enough to get us out. That was a few years ago and I am not as strong as I was to heft lady and chair like I once did.

So to the point...Are there exceptional places or places that serve good "homecooking" that are more accessible than others? So many of the great restaurants in the old parts of old city's have been around for a long time, with steps, perhaps not but one, but along with a narrow doorway, passage is impossible. Small spaces with limited seating can also be difficult. Hominy Grill is one that we enjoyed on our last trip, so I know that it can be done.

We are going for Charleston's local flair, so the usual places are all on our list, but the search is for truly local fair that we can get to.

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  1. If you want truly local, drive through Mt Pleasant on Hwy 17 and go to Seewee Restaurant. It's chair accessible and has excellent home-cooked food. The link is not working right now for some reason. I also recommend Boulevard Diner in Mt Pleasant on Coleman Blvd,http://www.dinewithsal.com/
    as well as Locklear's. http://www.locklears.com/mountpleasan...

    All of these are often the Charleston beaten path, and full of local people. Have fun.

    1. Well, if you are looking for homecooking and downtown then I think Hominy is one of the better choices, there is also Jestine's which is on Meeting down the street from your hotel. Are you looking for only homecooking? I can think of a few other restaurants in the area that would certainly suit your wife's needs.

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        Lizzy - thanks for your reply! We would, indeed, like to hear of other accessible restaurants besides home cooking.

      2. just went to Hominy grill last week. parking is right next to the building, easy to get into, no steps. roll right up to the table. GREAT food, service and low prices.

        1. According to Google Charleston Place, High Cotton, Oak Steakhouse and Cypress all have accessibility. I'm going downtown later today. I'll try to spot other options.

          1. If memory serves, both Hanks and Fig have zero steps...but of course you should check first in case I'm wrong.

            1. There are a few other restaurants I can think of, and I would recommend. Danna is right, neither Hank's nor FIG have steps, and I would recommend both of them. Hank's is seafood and FIG focuses on fresh and local. I would also recommend SNOB's on East Bay St, lowcountry food with a twist. Joseph's is great for breakfast and lunch, and if it's not next door to your hotel then it's just down the block. Fish on upper King St has remodeled, I haven't been there since they reopened. I would definitely recommend this place, but I would definitely call to confirm. All of the restaurants I recommended take reservations except for Joseph's, and please let me know if you have any questions on any specific restaurants. I'm happy to help.

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                I was down there yesterday . SNOB has no steps but it looks like there's decorative stuff all around the door. I'd call-I bet they'd be happy to move it out of the way for you. FIG looked like it could easily accomodate the chair. 82 Queen has no steps to the first level, and you could eat on the patio if weather permits. It's my favorite for she-crab. High Cotton is my favorite for shrimp and grits. HC says it's accessible, but they have steps up inside the front door. They must have an alternate entrance, so call them to find out where you need to pull up.

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                  Thanks lizzy,Thanks Sue, We are here now. Had a light supper at Toast last night. Nothing to write home about. I have had better she crab soup, but with a dinner salad it hit the spot.
                  Just made a reservation at FIG and told Heather that my wife uses a wheelchair...she said "no problem"! We are looking forward to this as one of our favs in Charlotte now is The Common House. Emily the chef there was once a chef at FIG and I love her meatloaf.
                  We ate at Hanks a year ago and again it was absolutely accommodating and delicious.
                  FYI, we ate at 82 Queen several years ago. There are one or two steps in the front door, but around the left side is a "people" alley that took us right to the wonderful courtyard dining area. I recall that they came around to unlock the gate to get us in. Way Cool!
                  Having a wonderful time,wish you were here.

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                    Oh I AM here! What a beautiful day today! You were having fun. I got a flu shot. Enjoy FIG. It is consistently great.

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                      Yep I'm here too.....Enjoy yourselves, and I am looking forward to your thoughts. Have a good time at FIG, and if you still have room the rice pudding is wonderful.

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                        Thank You all, we had a great time! FIG was truly delicious...we had steak? I know,we are in Charleston, but the wording on the menu could not be resisted so we ordered it and though I cannot describe with any accuracy the seasoning and flavor...it was fantastic. Too full for rice pudding, darnit.
                        The next day we had breakfast at Joseph's. Good Eggs Benedict, but everyone seems to overcook eggs these days.
                        We decided to be adventurous and went to Pearlz for dinner. One good size step up for the wheelchair that I can lift up one step, but not for a chair that does not have handles and some lifting capability. We were there just in time for Happy Hour that included oysters on the half shell for about fifty cents a piece. 2 dozen oyster later we ordered dinner. The oysters were pretty fat, based on my infrequent indulgences, with a good flavor. Big bottles of Tabasco Sauce are all you need, though their cocktail sauce with horseradish was very tasty.
                        Dinner was very impressive for a "bar" atmosphere. The Crab Louis that my SO got was very lovely to look at and then she ate it all. We will go back again.