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Oct 17, 2009 07:10 AM

Copper Canyon in Atlantic Highlands

I just came across a refence to "5 Star Copper Canyon Restaurant"--never been there, never heard of it. I looked on their website and the menu and dining room look wonderful. They don't list prices, though. Anybody been there?

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    1. re: white light

      Thanks, white light. I'm having difficulty learning the protocol on Chowhound...seems sometimes a conversation is considered "new" although a place has been discussed before, while at other times it seems you need to add to an old thread--but would anybody see that? Does it re-post?

      1. re: jerseyeats

        If you add a new post to an existing thread the entire thread comes back to the top of the pile so people will, in fact, see it.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Copper Canyon is home to a bunch of my area favorite dishes, guacamole, crabcake, NY strip, and fish tacos. Come to think of it, I have never ordered anything that I didn't enjoy. Keep in mind though, as per other threads on this board, you will be charged for chips and salsa!

        2. re: jerseyeats

          A couple of things you should know about Copper Canyon. They get crazy busy on weekends and don't take reservations for small parties. Get there at 6:00 and let the receptionist know that you'll be at the bar but want to be notified when the tables start filling up. You'll then have time for a drink and she'll come and get you when the place starts getting crowded.

          The other thing is that the courses vary in size and it's not always readily apparent from the menu how large they are. The normal starter/entree breakdown doesn't apply. With that in mind, ask your server about portion sizes so you don't order too little or too much.

          The food is pretty good although the room can get a bit loud.