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Oct 17, 2009 06:24 AM

Looking for good houtou and tonkotsu in Tokyo

These are two regional dishes that I've had fantastic versions of in Yamanashi and Kagoshima respectively. I've eaten them in Tokyo as well, but never found anything quite as good as in their native habitats. Houtou is an udon dish in a very rich kabocha-based broth, and tonkotsu is a braised pork dish a bit like kakuni (and no relation to tonkotsu ramen). Has anyone found any great Yamanashi- or Kagoshima-style restaurants in Tokyo that serve these?

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  1. I've had Houtou at Sangokuichi in Shinjuku. Can't attest as to whether it's as good as Yamanashi or Kagoshima's as I haven't had the pleasure of sampling it in those areas.

    This is their take on Houtou:

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        Hi Robb S,

        Please report back on how it went (or if you find a good Yamanashi or Kagoshima restaurant in Tokyo). Thanks. :)