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Oct 16, 2009 11:29 PM

After midnight?!

Tomorrow, Saturday, Oct 17th... my wife and I will have to overnight in New Orleans on our way overseas.

We get in after 11 PM and have to be on a plane at 6 AM...

So... that leaves us precious few hours to explore.

Any ideas on where to go for some good grub/drinks that late? Any similar suggestions on a hotel/motel close by to crash in for a few?


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  1. in Metairie, City Diner is 24 hrs.
    there are hotels in that immediate area good for crashing without going into New Orleans. that would save you time on the round trip to the airport.

    if you're going on a cruise out of New Orleans, then there are many places to choose from for crashing. Coop's is open for late night in the Fr. Qtr., as are many bars.

    happy trails!