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Oct 16, 2009 09:22 PM

MSP - Pie in Braham, MN?

Is there pie worth driving from the Twin Cities for in Braham all the time, or is it only worth the trip for Pie Day? For some reason, I'm never able to make it for Pie Day, but if there's good pie all the time, it might be worth the trip.

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  1. Okay, since I didn't have anything else to do today, I drove to Braham. I had lunch at the Park Cafe, in downtown Braham. Very standard menu - burgers, sandwiches, a few other entrees - nothing special. Special was cheeseburger and fries - both were adequate - that's about it.

    The pie choices were Dutch apple, two-crust rhubarb, banana cream, blueberry cream, fresh strawberry, and coconut cream. I opted for the coconut cream - a personal favorite. It was the most coconutty filling I've ever had, but one edge (the previously cut edge) was a little dried out, as was the (rather skimpy) whipped cream topping. It tasted okay, but not too fresh. Definitely not worth the drive - I assume the Pie Day pies are better...

    1. You will know that I am not from these parts originally (only here 15 years) by this question but, what is this Pie Day of which you speak?

      1. I have been to both Braham Pie Day and to the Park Cafe on different occasions; however, by no means am I a die hard pie lover so I may be biased. I would not make a special trip all the way up there. If you happen to be driving by on Hwy 65, it'd say it is worth it to drive into town, but I would not drive 60+ miles from the Cities. Pie Day is kind of fun though. That is if you want to take a whole day off work to drive up to it.

        Website for the celebration:
        It generally takes place the first Friday in August.

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