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Oct 16, 2009 06:02 PM

Velascos Mexican Rest. PratherCa.

Been hearing some delicious recent imput from dinners at the Velasco Mexican Restaurant in Prather Ca. I'm thinking about taking a little ride up there tomarrow . Any recs will be appreciated. I'd like to try something that they do especially well. What say you?.....Thanks, Jeff

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  1. I think I've given you the wrong name of the restaurant in question .....Don Fernandos is my new name . Any recs? I'm so stupid some times!

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        Thanks for the threads PB. I was hoping to hear a more current review if anyone has been to Don Fernando's recently. As Gail mentions it's a little bit of a drive for a so so Mexican meal.

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          It's been awful quiet on that front. AFAIK, those were the most current, there aren't any "NEW" flags on any of the threads in the MYCHOW list that would indicate that I've missed something.

          Driving up to Huntington Lake last Friday, DF's was deserted @ 1:30 PM. Coming back down on Sunday close to the noon hour Velasco's looked packed, sadly little to no action at DF's.

          1. re: Jeff Avis

            Hiya Jeff. Well my girl and I stopped at Velasco's this summer on our way back down from the high country. We got in probably around 6-7pm on a Sunday. It was about half to 3/4's full. I figure we were arriving right at the end of their dinner rush.

            We were seated immediately and got our enormous sodas. And they were great about timely refills. The table has the standard chips and salsa which were tasty. The salsa wasn't terribly hot, but still nicely seasoned. Chips taste like they're made on site and had a light seasoning salt on them.

            For our meals, my mate ordered a shrimp dish (I can't recall the name, not the diabla). . I ordered one of the combo plates with a taco, chili relleno and cheese enchilada. The meal started with something I've never had before, it was like a guacamole tostada that is served as the salad course. Great traditional guacamole, no onions or tomatoes (yuk!), just well seasoned mashed avocados on a bed of cabbage, on top of a flat fried corn tortilla. My mate enjoyed her shrimp dish, the veg was nicely crunchy, the sauce smooth and mildly earthy and the shrimp were well cooked and moist. My meal was a bit more straight forward. The cheese enchilada was good, very cheesy, sauce was a bit mild tasting for me, the taco was very taco. Seasoned ground beef, lettuce, and a slightly thick fried corn tortilla. It certainly satisfied, I just wouldn't call it the best taco in town. The chili relleno is my white whale. I learned to love them from my Texan aunt's recipe. So no relleno yet has been able to meet that mark. Still, it was fine at Vellasco's. The pepper was somewhat bland and overcooked, the egg coating was a bit thick, but the sauce was quite nice. One of the brighter tasting sauces of the night. Their beans and rice are quite good as well, both tasting very homemade rather than from a can or a box. They'd make a fine meal on their own with some flour tortillas.

            And let me tell you brother, we were STUFFED! The portions are more than generous, even for folks with hiker sized appetites. My taco and close to half of her shrimp got to make the trip the rest of the way down the hill with us. Their prices are excellent as well. We had both ordered higher priced items from the menu and got out the door with tax and tip for under $30.

            This is a great, local restaurant. Very friendly, family style establishment. At some tables we saw 4 generations of family sitting down to dine. The staff was very pleasant and attentive. Food arrived promptly and hot. Everything appeared, smelled and tasted delicious. I would definately recommend Velasco's to folks making the trip up or down the hill.

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              I see on your profile that you like Los Manjares (assume you mean the one in Fresno, not Yuma AZ). What do you recommend there? TIA

              1. re: PolarBear

                Yup, Fresno. On the backend of the Savemart shopping center on Cedar and Ashland.

                Well, I'm a fan of combo meals. They give me the chance to try different basic dishes, mix flavors and textures. Or if I really have the hunger a burrito. I really love their chips and salsa. Right about of heat and flavor, nice thin chips. My lady really enjoys their carne asada. And really my favorite is whichever of the combos catch my fancy on that given day.