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Oct 16, 2009 05:54 PM

Armenian festival hartford ct October 17th

Hello, just wanted to point this out if you are in the area. we went tonight and had a really nice dinner - combination plate of shish kebab and luleh kabab with rice pilaf. There is also a woman selling homemade string cheese which is delicious (along with lots of other desserts,, etc...).

St George Armenian

22 White St
Hartford, CT 06114-2355
(860) 956-5647

Autumnfest 2009, presented by St. George Armenian Church, 22 White Street, Hartford; Friday October 16, 5-8 PM, Saturday, October 17, 11 AM ñ 6 PM. Featuring Lamb and Chicken Kebab dinners, Vegetarian platters, Baked Armenian Delicacies, items from Armenia, Attic Treasures. For more information, call 860-568-5792.

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  1. thanks..wish I knew this a week before..I love Armenian food...I will pencil it in for next year. Worcester has two fairs each year at the Grove St. church and the Salisbury St. church. My favorite food is manti.

    1. 2013 update, it is this weekend October 18+19.

      Also Greek festival same dates in New Britain.

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        missing it again...just read this..have company in for Oyster Fest in Wellfleet