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Oct 16, 2009 05:35 PM

compass, telpan or other

any ideas for lunch or brunch on saturday. Staying on the UWS but going to a matinee tomorrow. Along this price range or less.

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  1. skip compass, food is mediocre and service subpar.

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    1. re: rkaene

      I have to say, I have had completely the opposite experience at Compass: the food was unusual and very good, with a slightly different approach including a platter of delicious appetizers for the table, individual entrees, and the same assorted platter approach for dessert. Excellent service. I didn't like the food or service at the one brunch I had at Telepan, but it has its fans.

      Nice Matin is a lovely spot, and though I have not been for brunch I hear it is very good and I believe it is served Saturdays.
      201 W 79 St
      New York, NY 10024
      (212) 873-6423

    2. Had brunch at Telepan a couple weeks ago and I was extremely underwhelmed. I was there with ten other people, and none of us were impressed.