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Oct 16, 2009 04:42 PM

Disappointing Experience at Dolce on Yonge

Having read about this new restaurant in Avenue magazine, my husband and I decided to give it a try - an early dinner on a Friday, at 5:30pm. We were the first ones there and greeted at the door by the owner himself - Enzo. First of all, the number of servers/hosts catering to us was simply overkill. I appreciate that the owner is desperate for business, but this was just annoying. To be asked the same question 3 times was too much. and on top of that, the owner kept on running over to the window to see if there were any new diners each time distracting us and making the dining experience stressful. Now, the food. Well... the Ossubucco my husband had was fairly good (at $22 a plate), but my tiger shrimp dish was doused with soya sauce - yuck! I was so hungry that I ate it anyway, but left those pieces that just wouldn't go down. To add, the wine at $10 a glass and the bottle of water at $5 were overpriced in my opinion. I must be fair to the waitress who was lovely and professional and well deserving of the 20% tip we left her. Unfortunately, the food in the restaurant was not on par with its comfortable surroundings, and the nervous owner did not add to our dining experience either. Will not return.

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  1. Good to know. Isn't that the cursed location where Michael's and any number of other short-lived attempts at eating establishments have flitted through?

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      1. We ended up at Dolce last night when we could not get in at other restaurants on that strip. Everywhere else was jam packed. This place was empty - but it was cold and we were hungry so we ventured in.

        There was a lot of staff on the floor as mentioned above - but we found that they spend quite a bit of time talking to each other and not noticing that we were ready to order, that we needed another drink or that the coffee they had served was cold. It was a bit irritating to have to go and get them to help us when we were the only diners in the place.

        The food was actually very good. I had a warm mushroom salad and then mushroom pasta (guess mushrooms were on my mind!). My husband had beef carpacio which was great and then rigatoni which he also enjoyed. Based on the food, we would return to Dolce - but hope for their sake they get the right balance on how they service their customers.

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          1. The original comment has been removed