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Oct 16, 2009 04:32 PM

any experiance with croissant making?

i'm going to try my hand i making croissants. i've noticed there are two kinds. the kind with butter as the butter layer and another with butter+plain flour as the butter layer.

have you done it? which recipe should i try? i have the tartine cookbook and several baking books... any tips?

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  1. Fine Cooking recently put out a really fantastic recipe. I made it about 3 times in one month.

    1. I like to use a brioche dough for croissants. Buttery, open crumb, delicate and tasty.

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        thanks Todao, that's a good idea and alternative for rolls.

      2. Here is a thread on the Tartine recipe, including my own experience. The main difference is most recipes call for spreading one layer of butter between two layers of dough, then folding several times, so the butter/flour ratio is the same between layers. With Tartine's method you end up with way too much butter in the last folds, and a lot of it just drips out during baking. The finished product still tastes great, but all that excess butter dripping off the baking stone made a nasty, smoky mess.

        1. I used JC's recipe from Mastering the Art. It was my first time making it and had almost perfect results. AND I cheated a bit and let it rise overnight in the fridge. I'm not aware of the different methods, but hers worked perfectly.

          1. I also used JC's recipe and it worked really well.