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Oct 16, 2009 02:28 PM

HELP! I need some holiday ideas for Thanksgiving and Chistmas Eve.

I was hoping to get some suggestions on where we can go those two nights but here is my dilemma. My Mother-in-law lives in as Assisted Living Facility across from The Health Park on Summerlin Road so we would like to stay near there (Sanibel and some areas of Fort Myers that are not too far are fine) but we would also like something that isn't a buffet. She uses a walker and has dementia so the easier we can make it on her and everyone else the better. We have done The Lighthouse Restaurant more times than I can count so we are looking for some new ideas. Anything much more fancier than that will just be wasted on her. All she is looking for these days is usually a burger or fried shrimp, lol, but a sit down turkey dinner I know she would enjoy. Anyone who has a loved one with Dementia I hope can understand that. They sometimes become a little child like when it comes to eating. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sandy Butler? Maybe Roadhouse might be open. Channel Mark might be open by then since the original owner retook the restaurant from Tim. I'm also thinking Island Cow as many on Sanibel eat out on the holiday.

    None of these are first tier restaurants, but Sandy Butler can be good and I know they do a big holiday business as the resources of Fort Myers Beach are so dismal. Island Cow would be packed with kids. The Channel Mark used to be fairly good but then it got kind of trashy with the Tim's Nook thing, although the setting was fun.

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      Sandy Butler would be great if they are open. Perfect idea! I think I Island Cow we might avoid because of the kids and it also seem very noisy even when there are only a few tables in there. Thanks!

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        So I just called and Sandy Butler is open and doing a 3 course dinner for 30 dollars. Perfect! Butternut Squash soup or a gorgonzola and pear salad for the first course, Turkey or Prime Rib with all the fixings for the 2nd course and mini pies for the 3rd course. Can't beat it. Thanks again.

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          Glad the Butler is standing by to help. LMF