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Best Hot Dogs In Montgomery County PA?

I know Philly isn't known for Hot Dogs but can anyone please tell me where I can get a decent Dog. BTW please don't insult my taste buds with a Wawa or Seven Eleven recommendation. Thanks in Advance!

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  1. Johnnie's Dog House in Wayne, right off Rt. 30, just before the intersection of Rt. 30 and N. Wayne Ave. I think Louella Ct is the name of the little side street it's on. They are the BEST!

    There's a place in Limerick on Ridge that's OK too, but Johnny's is 3 notches above.


    1. If you like hot dogs, check out Holly Moore's site:

      He's got the Philly area 'dog scene covered pretty well (scroll down to the hot dog section).

      1. Here are two places that aren't on Holly's site but are worth trying in Montgomery County. Let us know how you like them or if you find any other places.

        Speck's Drive-In in Collegeville is a fried chicken place but their texas wieners are pretty good. They aren't on the menu but order a dog with mustard, onions & chili. The sauce is thick like you get in Scranton. http://local.yahoo.com/info-12302225-...

        On High Street in Pottstown is a place called Very Best. Their sauce is the same style as John's Doggie shop on 322 and Harry's Hotdogs in Exton/Sadburysville.

        1. Hands down, Yo Dogs in Wyndmoor. They have a great menu with interesting toppings. My kids love them. Go check it out, we've never been disappointed.

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            I tried Yo Dogs. The hot dogs had a nice snap to them but the rolls were cold, stale and falling apart.

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              Agree, they need to do something about those rolls!

          2. Philly Hot Dog Cafe just opened in Limerick. I haven't been there but I heard it's pretty good.

            Philly Hot Dog Cafe
            204 W Ridge Pike, Royersford, PA 19468

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              The hot dog place in Limerick is OK, but nowhere near as good as Johnnie's Dog House. The Limerick place boils them, while Johnnie's grills them.

              Johnnie's Dog House
              11 Louella Ct, Wayne, PA 19087

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                I tried the Philly Hot Dog Cafe for lunch today. The rolls are very good, the pickles on the Vienna were great (like the ones you get on Easton Style dogs). The chili sauce was very basic (probably straight of a can with chili powder added). I agree with the observation that the dogs would be better if grilled. They have a nice griddle and the casing on their dogs would be crispy instead of soggy.

                Its a nice place but if I am in that area, I will head to Speck's instead.

                Philly Hot Dog Cafe
                204 W Ridge Pike, Royersford, PA 19468

            2. I just found this place called Puttin' on the Dog near Lowe's in Oaks. They have been around for 2.5 months.

              It was good, the dogs are all beef. Since they are butterflied and grilled, they are a step up from the Philly Hot Dog Cafe in Limerick. The chili sauce is called Sloppy Sauce and it resembles Sloppy Joe sauce, similar to what you get in the Reading Area where they call it 'BBQ'.

              Overall it is good, could be great if they steamed the rolls.

              1. I'll put in a plug for the deep-fried hot dogs at the Maple Glen Tavern, near Ambler. No special toppings or frills, but it's where I go when I have a hot dog craving.

                I might also add that I never miss an opportunity to stop at Jimmy John's on Rt. 202, when I'm in that area.

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                  I've passed that place. Is it a real oldtimer spot?

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                    Maple Glen is your standard "bar" bar where everyone knows everyone. Limited menu, but they do a good job with what they serve, especially the homemade soups. It's pretty sports-centric.

                    Jimmy John's is a throwback. They are probably serving the same menu now as when they opened 50 years ago or so. Again basic menu, but I love it for what it is. And it is a fun place for kids, with the model trains that circle around the ceiling.

                    Both are very easy on the wallet.

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                      Jimmy John's is unique (see Holly Eats)

                  2. still digging Lenny's Combo in Warminster. Last of the old time Fish cake and dog, don't forget the pepper hash.

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                      is Lenny's in Warminster? I thought it was in Trevose on Street Road. Is there another location? And it is the best source for pepper hash in the Philadelphia area.

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                        Actually Lenny's is in Feasterville. Don't forget the Champ Cherry soda!

                    2. If you're still looking, I recommend Philly Hot Dog Cafe on W. Ridge Pike n Limerick, PA for a great hot dog experience. They were voted Best of Philly for 2009. They feature Vienna brand all beef dogs from Chicago which you can get steamed, boiled, grilled or snapped to your taste. Their Chicago dog is first rate. If you want a big meal have the Philly Dog (cheese steak on a Vienna all beef dog and hoagie roll) or Pittsburgh dog (which pays homage to Pittsburgh sandwich - Primanti's I think) will fill you up. They have about 30 different dog options including the Limerick dog with nuclear hot sauce.

                      1. Yo Dogs in Wyndmoor is definitely the place to go for a great hot dog! The different options they offer for hot dogs make it even more great. They're always fresh and are an excellent meal. All the options sound fantastic and make me want to go back because of my original positive experience. Definitely the best and i 100% recommend it to others in search of a great hot dog!

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                          I think Yo Dogs is closed? Their web site is still up, but last time I drove by they were gone!

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                            I just drove by this morning and they are definitely still there. Great dogs and fries!

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                              Popped into Yo Dogs for lunch today. First time I've been there. Ordered the Chi-town Dog and the "soon-2-b-famous" fries. Dog was decent, great toppings. Fries were great. Real garlicy goodness on top of great fries. I wasn't hungry enough for a burger, so maybe nextime i'll indulge.
                              Not fine dining by any stretch (its a dog joint). But worth a stop by for lunch. I will return.

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                                My daughter and I had hot dogs yesterday at Jack Frost in Glenside. Terrific! Toasted bun, piping hot, big and juicy dogs. I'm craving another one right now.

                          2. It is in Delaware County, but so worth the trip:
                            The Last Stand in Folsom, PA
                            They use Hatfield dogs. I like them with mustard, but most folks like the "special sauce" which I guess is a chili sauce thing? Dunno. HollyEats has a page about them.
                            They also have frosty mugs of birch beer. Mmmmm......

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                              The Last Stand-- I just "found" it yesterday.
                              I just started working at 420 and Baltimore Pike. I wanted Charlies Hamburgers and they were closed for vaca until 1/11.
                              Lo and behold thanks to no leaves on the trees I could see THE lAST STAND.
                              I ordered 2 specials and a Birch beer from the tap.
                              Very good grilled dog on a nice fresh slightly steamed 'not soggy' bun good mustard, the right amount of chopped onion and a slather of their "world famous sauce". The sauce was the traditional finely ground meat chili. Could have been a tad spicier got a little lost with the mustard and onion. Still the best dog I have had at a good price $1.75 in a long time.
                              Birch beer was good, but not sure it was anything special that needed to be on a special tap, then again thats what sold me.

                            2. We're grillin dogs daily in Pottstown. Ball Parks new deli franks on two for one at Thriftway. Beat Nathan's in a blind taste test. Going to stock up and grill them along side the regular Ball parks...