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Best Cheese Steak (Philly) in Michigan

I know of Gabrielle's....

Any other's that I should give the time of day too?

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  1. If you're in Livonia, try Joe's Sub Shop on Middlebelt south of 6.

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    1. re: Jim M

      Might try that tonight.

      BTW as a side note. Try out Tony Baloney's at Merriman and Schoolcraft for subs.
      I think its the bread that does it for me....

      1. re: Jim M

        Got over to Joe's and it was a nice very solid contender. I think I will be visiting them more to check out the rest of the subs.

        1. re: coney with everything

          Very good authentic Philly Cheesesteak, they ship in Amoroso Bread from Philly. Onions and Cheese Wiz for the win.

          1. re: coney with everything

            Joey's gets the bread right, but the rest is just okay. Gabrielles is better.

            1. re: freddyeats

              Tried Gabrielles earlier this week and enjoyed it, very good cheesesteak and the price, could not be beat.

            2. re: coney with everything

              I just ran into a new Garden City Location today off of Middlebelt just north of Ford on the east side of the street in a big strip mall.

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                Having recently taken a gastronomical tour of Philly, I was excited to try Joey's in Garden City today, especially since they import the buns from Philly. Supposedly the "secret" that makes the buns so good is the tap water which, of course, you can't get here.

                I tried one "wit" and it was very good. I normally would have ordered the sandwich with Provolone, but I was so busy reading the extensive menu and forgot, so I was served the standard Cheez Whiz. I was surprised how much I liked it.

                I'll defintely go back. The Chipotle sweet potato fries the people at the next tabel were eating looked great.

                1. re: Rosedale

                  i went to the joey's store in taylor last week for the first time. had a half cheesesteak wiz wit and it was great.

                  1. re: Rosedale

                    Took my husband to try Joey's last night. We got a couple pizzas. Not as great as the cheese steak. Way too much cheese on both (I know there are people who believe there is no such thing as too much cheese, but it's true) and the crusts were way undercooked. Salad looked like it came from the neighboring Kroger and straight out of a bag.

                    The cheese steak was so good earlier in the week, we're going to give other items another try.

              2. Going to have to go with the Champs Special at Champs in Brighton. It is not called a philly but is a fine sandwich with meet, onions, peppers, cheese and a bun.

                Best regards, tony

                1. Anyone been to Big Mouth Famous Cheesesteaks on McNichols?


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                    I went to BigMouth in November. No eat in, only take-away. Clean appearance, friendly staff, lots of meat, bun was Philly style. I think it was ~$6 so other than take-away only it was pretty good.

                    As a comparison, I have eaten at Joey's in the fall. Really good roll and with mushrooms and peppers it was very good. Philly soda brands as well (Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak). I ate outside on an old cafeteria table, very nostalgic. There are two tables inside as well. Ikea isn't far away if that's your destination.

                    Also, Unwrapped recently had a review of Great Steak and Potato Co. Their is a store at the Great Lakes Crossing (Auburn Hills) food court. Nothing special compared to Joey's and Big Mouth. I am going to go to Gabrielle's next week for a comparison.

                    1. re: goatgolfer

                      Gabrielle's Westland (Ford and Wayne) location is a lot closer to Ikea than Joey's.

                      Hell I would say that either Joey's was a good 20 miles from Ikea.

                      Thinking about trying Bigmouths for lunch next week.

                      1. re: JanPrimus

                        First, thanks to the map police on the food site.

                        Secondly, thanks for the food info on Gabrielle's. Had lunch there today and the ambiance was very fun. Mostly regulars (they were cooking their food before they came through the door). Great meat, terrifice onions, cheese whizzy sort of american processed stuff and the roll was pretty good too. With the eat in capabilities and overall friendliness of the place I think Gabrielle's might be my personal winner.

                  2. Izzy's in Ann Arbor on Stadium Blvd makes a good one.

                    1. The cat is really out of the bag now. Ann Arbor food blog www.epicportions.com did a review of Gabriel's on Feb. 10. It echoes all the positive sentiments on CH. I don't know EPs drawing power but I found that blog because it was linked to some national blogs. Hope they still have room for locals.

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                        I was there for the first time about a month ago. Granted, it was past the lunch hour on a week day but there was no wait and a couple of tables open. My clothes smelled like the place all that day and the next till they went into the wash. It was a good smell. I loved the place and will go back time and time again.

                        1. re: SonyBob

                          Gabriel's is really good, but Joey's has more to offer. A Joey's recently opened up a couple miles from me and It's pretty great. Until now I had about a 30 minute drive to get to the downriver one so I'd only been a couple times. Not only are the Cheesesteaks good, but they have a really wide selection of other items. They also sell Philly staples like Frank's Soda and Tastycakes. The one downriver even has scrapple. There are a lot of places I can order pizza and subs from around here, but Joeys has prosciutto, sopprasetta, sharp provolone, capicolla and more. Add the fact that you can order delivery online!

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                            I take it your talking about that new Garden City location. I did stop in and had to say that I really did enjoy my sandwich. I basically started with the standard Philly Steak and Cheese. I will be going back for more.

                            1. re: orangewhip

                              Does the Garden City location have scrapple too ? I recently exhausted my stash of it and could use a quick scrapple fix.

                              1. re: moose734

                                It's not on the menu. The downriver one has it on a homemade sign, so it might not be at all locations. If the downriver one still has it, I'm sure you could ask the Garden City store to get some for you.

                        2. has anyone been to that FAT Philly's & Burgers on warren an merriman

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                          1. re: lamar79

                            Is that a new place? I live pretty close to there and have not seen it...

                            1. re: JanPrimus

                              I stopped by today and got a Philly to go. While not bad tasting in any way...it was not elevated to anything special. Gabriel's has that oh so perfect pepper relish and Joey's is a very authentic Philly.

                              This Philly had Mozzarella on it which is not bad....but not traditional like Provolone, White American or Cheez Whiz.

                            1. re: GrueLurks

                              Yes. I can't vouch for authenticity, 'cause I've never been to Philly, but I liked what I've had.

                              1. re: vdoucette

                                Today I went in and gave Ziggy’s a try for lunch. Overall, I was pretty happy with it.

                                Here is my breakdown of the cheesesteak:

                                Meat: The serving amount was smaller than I expected and if the meat was seasoned at all before they threw it on the grill, I couldn’t tell. This was the first time I have ever in my life added salt to a cheesesteak. This was definitely the weakest part of their product.

                                Roll: A decent approximation of an Amoroso roll, served warm and squishy, just the way I like them. Maybe it was a little too thick, but this could have easily been solved if there had been more meat.

                                Onions: One of the things I can’t stand in cheesesteaks is when the onions have just barely kissed the grill... raw onion just don’t fly with me when it comes to cheesesteaks. These were just about perfect. They were caramelized just barely to the point where they lend a little sweetness, but not anywhere in the vicinity of the caramelized onions I’ve come to love on my sliders where the flavor would dominate the sandwich.

                                Cheese: I stuck with white American, which is the standard for me. I’ll go with whiz sometimes, but for me a cheesesteak should have melted white American oozing throughout the cheesesteak and there better be a lot of it. Thankfully, this was the case with Ziggy’s.

                                My final verdict: The abundance of melted cheese and grilled onions together with the squishy roll were able to overcome the poor meat and morphed this into a pretty tasty sandwich. Ultimately, the sum was greater than its parts when it came to this Ziggy’s cheesesteak.

                                1. re: rcloud

                                  Following Rcloud's comments I went to Ziggy's for lunch. Monday may not be the best day for fresh bread(Bourdain's fish comments???:) because the meat/whiz/onion combo of #2 was terrific but the stale bun exploded when folded enough to fit into the mouth.

                                  I am going to go back though. The place was friendly, clean and has the current look of black and brown with overhead menus. But, the meat/cheese/onions were terrific even without the bun. Respecting previous comments, I thought the meat/bun proportions were similar to Gabriel's. Didn't try the pepper combo but next time I will because Gabriel serves a terrific condiment.

                                  Not sure about authentic as I have only had CS in Philly once but this place has potential.

                                  1. re: goatgolfer

                                    We did Ziggy's this weekend--DH brought home the sandwiches as carryout and they FORGOT TO PUT THE CHEEZ ON! We were too hungry to wait for him to go back, so we ate them cheez-less.

                                    The sandwich was tasty enough, but lacked salt (which Cheez Whiz would have provided).

                                    We'll try them again, but check for cheez before leaving.

                                  2. re: rcloud

                                    Gave Ziggy's another go today. 12:30 on a Wed. It was packed out (good for them). Got the meat/wit/wit/wit (whiz, onion, peppers) and it was really good. Roll was very fresh this time and the meat proportion/saltiness onion grill was just right. Glad they are busy and seem to have it right. All for $6.50.

                              2. Two NEW in Lansing, both approved by a Philly native and foodie: [1] Stateside Deli on Grand River in East Lansing has a great cheese steak (using authentic rolls from Philadelphia) as well as killer corned beef on A+ twice-baked rye; and [2] Lenny's, just opened on Washington Square downtown Lansing with another delicious offering (try the hot red relish for a winning add-on). Both are very worthy entries and will leave you wanting more.

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                                1. re: Ravenjon

                                  Thanks, Ravenjon. We are always looking for good places to try in Lansing. I'll add these to my list! :)

                                  1. re: Ravenjon

                                    As a very experienced Southfield Corned Beef Sandwich eater I will vouch for Stateside Deli in Lansing (Whose First store is at 96 and Okemos Road in a Plaza on the NW Side). I have yet to try the Philly's there.

                                    On a side note I am a fan of Jersey Giant Subs in the Lansing Area too.

                                    1. re: JanPrimus

                                      JP: the East Lansing Stateside Deli is larger, with a more extensive menu than the other great Stateside location on Okemos Road. I don't believe the Okemos location has the Philly or the extended menu, but for the classic deli treats, Okemos also rocks! JR

                                      1. re: Ravenjon

                                        Went to the Stateside Deli on Okemos Rd. this past weekend and got the Philly there.

                                        Here's a question for those of you who know: Is asking for au jus on a Philly cheesesteak a no-no? I felt like the sandwich (which I ordered with provolone, not whiz) was a little dry so I asked for au jus, but they replied that they do not have au jus. I couldn't see how that was possible, but then again, I have no experience with the authentic style of a Philly cheesesteak. Did I goof? What do you generally add to a cheesesteak to sauce it up if need be?

                                        1. re: tokyo

                                          A proper cheese steak is done on a flattop grill. I think you are thinking about an Italian beef sandwich.


                                          1. re: JanPrimus

                                            Yes, I think I prefer that style. But still, it seems like the sandwich shouldn't be dry. It was a lot of loose grilled meat, maybe it just needed more cheese. I thought about smothering it with mustard but then you lose the great steak flavor. Au jus just seems like a good back up, but understandably not practical since the meat is grilled, not roasted. Thanks for the reply.

                                            1. re: tokyo

                                              I agree that it should not be dry...it should be messy!

                                            2. re: JanPrimus

                                              Hippo's does a good Italian Beef sandwich ... I think it may be their "special" on

                                    2. Has anyone ever been to Ricky's in Dearborn? It's on Greenfield. They have some of the best steak and cheese subs...ever. I don't know if it would qualify as a Philly-style cheese steak...never been to Philly. They don't use cheese wiz (which doesn't sound that appealing personally, but like I said, I've never tired it). The owner is super friendly, and the place is remarkably clean. Support the little guy and give it a shot.