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Restaurants in South/Southwest Austin?

Hello fellow foodies-

We just bought a house off of Brodie near Davis Ln. Having lived on the eastside for the last 10 years, I know little of restaurants this far south of town. Can anyone recommend some good places, especially Mexican or Vietnamese/Thai? Breakfast places are always a plus. Just looking for some new places to become "regulars" at in the area.


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  1. welcome to the hood. i love the pho at Pho Thai Son on Wm Cannon/Brodie, next to the Firestone right there. in the same strip, opposite end, is a little taqueria called La Familia. we started going there a few months ago and are in love with it. it's hidden behind the Hollywood Video, so i worry how they will survive. but there are always people there when we go. good place to call in breakfast tacos (there's a breakfast burrito, too w/ eggs/bacon/potato/cheese - yum). i've also enjoyed the grilled shrimp burrito among other things. La Posada at West Gate/Wm Cannon is good for general Tex Mex, but i did not like their breakfast tacos b/c they don't use real cheese, just the processed crap. i don't think we've gone to La Posada since trying La Familia, but there are some good things on the LP menu (stuffed avocado!). Evangeline Cafe on Brodie near Alexandria has pretty damn good cajun. great 'oyster nachos' (Oysters Contraband), fried seafood, and even a really good burger. same strip is KC Donut where they have some of the better kolaches in the city limits along with croissant breakfast sandwiches (skip the tacos and icky salsa). i've enjoyed Galaxy Cafe at Slaughter/Brodie for breakfast and lunch. the banana-strawberry french toast is tasty, as are sweet potato fries/sandwiches/etc. and sometime in the future, there will be an Alamo Drafthouse at Slaughter/Mopac, so you got that to look forward to as well. course for every suggestion i make, there's someone out there who thinks that the rec is the worst ever. have fun trying things out! =)

    1. As Nirv said, welcome to the 'hood!

      I'm excited to hear about La Familia because I've been wanting to try it, but hadn't heard any reports. There's a taco joint on the corner of William Cannon and S. 1st that I have had some decent tacos from, and I've heard wonderful things about Evita's Bontanitas on S. 1st just north of Wm. Cannon.

      I also love Evangaline Cafe, as well as Cypress Grill (in the Gold's Gym shopping center on Wm. Cannon at MoPac). There's also a P. Terry's there, and a bagel shop is coming (fingers crossed it's a good one!). Tarka in the shopping center with DSW and Petsmart and all of that at 290 and Brodie has excellent Indian food. There's also Madam Mam's at Westgate and 290 for Thai, and a new Thai place in the same center as Tarka, CK Thai (haven't tried it yet).

      Galaxy is great for variety, and there's a Waterloo Ice House and numerous other things (including a branch of that Mexican restaurant that's at 38th next to Waterloo that I can't remember the name of) at Escarpment at Slaughter.

      I've also heard we're getting a Mandola's Market in the Costco Shopping center.

      We're coming up in the world South Austin!

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        The mexican place at Escarpment and Slaughter is Santa Rita. It's where Nuevo Leon used to be. I've eaten there a couple of times for lunch and it was pretty good.

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          There's also a Torchy's Tacos coming to the Costco Shopping Center. It's in the space that used to be Willy-Os I think.

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            Evita's Botanitas was my favorite, but they closed 12/31/09. There's a great, nice taco man at the Texaco (next to the post office) on Manchaca, right South of Wlm Cannon. I like the Cypress Grill as well. For pizza, I like Austin Pizza Garden on 290/71 right East of Wlm Cannon. I am hoping for some more choices soon in the Costco area, and probably the SouthPark Meadows area. I've tried Polvo's for my Botanitas substitute, and it's alright. I liked the atmosphere at Botanitas better; it was more intimate. Polvo's has become one of those places that can be a hassle to get into and out of, but they don't have bad food and they have good service.
            Oh, and Chef's at Ditmar/S 1st (I believe) has good BBQ sandwiches...

          2. I really like Tino's Greek Cafe at Brodie and Slaughter. I often get the chicken kabob, or the gyro salad.


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              i really like Tino's too! i've just heard so much grief about it on here, that i didn't even bother mentioning it.

              the mexican place, foodiegal...are you thinking of Nuevo Onda? b/c it closed, i never tried it. i can't picture any other Mexi places on Escarpment/Slaughter...

              can't wait for Mandola's to make its appearance.

            2. This board has always given props to Polvo's. I haven't tried it yet, but the menu looks very inviting.

              1. I just tried Texican Cafe at Brodie Oaks (Lamar & 360) - though I realize it's a bit further from Davis Ln - and was impressed. Great (enchilada) sauces, tender meat, great flavor all around. The service was amazing. The atmosphere is really pleasant but of course decor is cheesy as heck.

                1. Dong Nai in the Target on Lamar and Ben White has good Vietnamese dishes. Flores Mexican on William Cannon and 290 has spicy salsa and good fajitas.

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                    I have to say that for Pho, I prefer either Pho Thai Son or HEA Cafe over Dong Nai. HEA is at 35 and 71 in the shopping center near the Wal-Mart, while Pho Thai Son is in the shopping center on Wm. Cannon/Brodie that has the Hollywood Video.

                    I also have enjoyed Texican Cafe. It's pretty straight-up TexMex and not bad if that's what you're craving.

                    Santa Rita was the place I was thinking of on Escarpment/Slaughter. I haven't been there, but have enjoyed their north location before.

                  2. We like La Familia a lot too! There's a new Indian Grocery right next door and they have plans to open an Indian restaurant in the same shopping center. In the meantime Tarka (in Sunset Valley), which is like Clay Pit's Pei Wei is a great place to eat!

                    For pizza, Austin Pizza Garden on 290/71 before Wm Cannon is great! I think they actually deliver now.

                    Mandola's isn't opening until March, so you'll have to wait a while. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Yanagi, the newer sushi place next to Gold's Gym on William Cannon & Mopac. It's awesome!! I also like Hecho Mexico, which is a little farther West on William Cannon, almost to Slaughter. I've enjoyed their mole, ceviche, and par de huaraches.

                    Welcome to the hood!

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                      I think you mean that Hecho en Mexico is on William Cannon near Escarpment (not Slaughter)

                      My wife and I did not enjoy hecho en mexico. We were in the mood for some tasty food and beer/margaritas. What amounts to their fajita nachos (can't remember if they had two sizes, but the larger is they did) had only about 8 chips with about 1 ounce of fajita meat total. The quality was subbar (very chewy and not tasty). We would need a reason to return

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                        Chefdavis, you're right-I mean Escarpment.

                        As for the nachos at Hecho's Mexico, I've never had them there. If I wanted nachos, I'd go to Chuy's or La Familia. Hecho specializes in moles, which you wouldn't get at either of those places. Before you judge then on one dish, you should go back & try something they specialize in.

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                          My wife and I tried several dishes at Hecho en Mexico including the mole. Nothing has any flavor. The tip-off should have been the salsa they put down with the chips. What was that? Runny and bland and strange looking. My wife is from Interior Mexico and she has never seen anything like it. The staff is nice and they said the food is Oaxaca-inspired. Really? Oaxaca is famous for their cheese and guess what's NOT on the menu - Oaxacan cheese! They do have Monterrey Jack - welcome to a less flavorful Flores Tex-Mex style establishment at twice the price! Oh one little side note: my wife was thirsty for a frozen Margarita. She saw a sign out front with a picture of a frozen Margarita. Great! No, not so great, they don't have frozen Margaritas. Boo! Go elsewhere.

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                            There is a Mexican Market that is fairly new in the strip center at S. 1st and Stassney. They have very good meats for sale and the restaurant inside is very good. There is another Mexican Restaurant in the same center down in the corner on the first floor. (This is the strip center that is blue and anchored by Time Warner). I can't think of there name but they have excellent beef caldo and if you ask for it, they serve a avacado based salsa that is very good. One of my favorite places.
                            Friday nights at the Manchaca Fire Hall is all you can eat Fried Catfish. Very good. Clarance has his own recipe for the corn meal.
                            I haven't been there in a while but the Westgate Bowling Alley had a really good burger and fries. I don't think that they open until 4.
                            Railroad BBQ in Manchaca is pretty good too.
                            Cherry Creek Catfish across from Crockett on Manchaca has good fried catfish.
                            I also like the Casa Garcia's at William Cannon and Manchaca.

                            Casa Garcia's
                            1901 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664

                    2. i just finished off the other half of a yummy tofu bahn mi from T & N Cafe, at Wm. Cannon and 290. i gotta say, i really like this place. i'm far from a Vietnamese food aficionado, but yum! while i usually get my pho at Pho Thai Son, and haven't tried T&N's, they have the bahn mi i can't get from PTS, and the viet crepes (Bahn Xeo?) that i loved so much at Sunflower. the banh mi's tofu was so flavorful, well marinated, came w/ cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, mayo, carrots (i guess the usual) on a tasty crusty baguette. i'm really really happy to have a Vietnamese place down south that has more than just pho and bun and spring rolls.

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                        no this place is the bomb. i go there for bahn mi all the time

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                          awesome! everything good? all i've had is the crepes and pork and tofu bahn mi. pho good? i worry b/c this place is so empty all the time.

                      2. I just last month moved away from that part of South Austin--noticing you've got a lot of recommendations on some of the obvious (and not so obvious) places--here's a few more I don't think I saw: Hao Hao at Manchaca & Wm.Cannon for Chinese and Vietnamese; Curra's @ Oltorf a bit east of S.Congress for Mexican, and Sazon at S. Lamar north a bit of Oltorf for the same (two of the best Mexican restaurants in the city); also, La Mexicana on S. 1st, a few blocks north of Oltorf has the best Barbacoa I've tasted west of I-35.
                        A couple of places you might not think about also to mention: Spec's Deli for sandwiches (surprised me how good it was) and Estancia Churruscurria, an outstanding South American style steakhouse.

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                          Thanks to everyone for their input. We've enjoyed many of the places listed here, and have noticed there are a couple we've yet to try- I can't wait to try T & N cafe,as PTS has left me underwhelmed. Also, chinese food is another one we've not ventured to try. Well, we did try Wok on Fire soon after we moved in, but the food was just "meh". We need to convince the owners of DinHo or First Chinese BBQ to open a place down south! One place we recently discovered is Yanagi, on William Cannon next to the gym. The sushi is great, and the sushi chefs are so friendly, we sit at the sushi bar every time we go. They even have a happy hour on Saturday afternoons! Another fave is Jack Allen's. Heading there for their new brunch this weekend!

                        2. I have to second hao hao - they are our go to asian delivery. The lux bakery in the same shopping center with la familia and austin pizza has great bahn mi and thai style soups, plus you can get an awesome dessert. taqueria arandinas at william cannon and 1st is great for breakfast tacos or late night tacos - i think they're open till one.