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Oct 16, 2009 02:22 PM

Restaurants in South/Southwest Austin?

Hello fellow foodies-

We just bought a house off of Brodie near Davis Ln. Having lived on the eastside for the last 10 years, I know little of restaurants this far south of town. Can anyone recommend some good places, especially Mexican or Vietnamese/Thai? Breakfast places are always a plus. Just looking for some new places to become "regulars" at in the area.


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  1. welcome to the hood. i love the pho at Pho Thai Son on Wm Cannon/Brodie, next to the Firestone right there. in the same strip, opposite end, is a little taqueria called La Familia. we started going there a few months ago and are in love with it. it's hidden behind the Hollywood Video, so i worry how they will survive. but there are always people there when we go. good place to call in breakfast tacos (there's a breakfast burrito, too w/ eggs/bacon/potato/cheese - yum). i've also enjoyed the grilled shrimp burrito among other things. La Posada at West Gate/Wm Cannon is good for general Tex Mex, but i did not like their breakfast tacos b/c they don't use real cheese, just the processed crap. i don't think we've gone to La Posada since trying La Familia, but there are some good things on the LP menu (stuffed avocado!). Evangeline Cafe on Brodie near Alexandria has pretty damn good cajun. great 'oyster nachos' (Oysters Contraband), fried seafood, and even a really good burger. same strip is KC Donut where they have some of the better kolaches in the city limits along with croissant breakfast sandwiches (skip the tacos and icky salsa). i've enjoyed Galaxy Cafe at Slaughter/Brodie for breakfast and lunch. the banana-strawberry french toast is tasty, as are sweet potato fries/sandwiches/etc. and sometime in the future, there will be an Alamo Drafthouse at Slaughter/Mopac, so you got that to look forward to as well. course for every suggestion i make, there's someone out there who thinks that the rec is the worst ever. have fun trying things out! =)

    1. As Nirv said, welcome to the 'hood!

      I'm excited to hear about La Familia because I've been wanting to try it, but hadn't heard any reports. There's a taco joint on the corner of William Cannon and S. 1st that I have had some decent tacos from, and I've heard wonderful things about Evita's Bontanitas on S. 1st just north of Wm. Cannon.

      I also love Evangaline Cafe, as well as Cypress Grill (in the Gold's Gym shopping center on Wm. Cannon at MoPac). There's also a P. Terry's there, and a bagel shop is coming (fingers crossed it's a good one!). Tarka in the shopping center with DSW and Petsmart and all of that at 290 and Brodie has excellent Indian food. There's also Madam Mam's at Westgate and 290 for Thai, and a new Thai place in the same center as Tarka, CK Thai (haven't tried it yet).

      Galaxy is great for variety, and there's a Waterloo Ice House and numerous other things (including a branch of that Mexican restaurant that's at 38th next to Waterloo that I can't remember the name of) at Escarpment at Slaughter.

      I've also heard we're getting a Mandola's Market in the Costco Shopping center.

      We're coming up in the world South Austin!

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        The mexican place at Escarpment and Slaughter is Santa Rita. It's where Nuevo Leon used to be. I've eaten there a couple of times for lunch and it was pretty good.

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          There's also a Torchy's Tacos coming to the Costco Shopping Center. It's in the space that used to be Willy-Os I think.

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            Evita's Botanitas was my favorite, but they closed 12/31/09. There's a great, nice taco man at the Texaco (next to the post office) on Manchaca, right South of Wlm Cannon. I like the Cypress Grill as well. For pizza, I like Austin Pizza Garden on 290/71 right East of Wlm Cannon. I am hoping for some more choices soon in the Costco area, and probably the SouthPark Meadows area. I've tried Polvo's for my Botanitas substitute, and it's alright. I liked the atmosphere at Botanitas better; it was more intimate. Polvo's has become one of those places that can be a hassle to get into and out of, but they don't have bad food and they have good service.
            Oh, and Chef's at Ditmar/S 1st (I believe) has good BBQ sandwiches...

          2. I really like Tino's Greek Cafe at Brodie and Slaughter. I often get the chicken kabob, or the gyro salad.


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              i really like Tino's too! i've just heard so much grief about it on here, that i didn't even bother mentioning it.

              the mexican place, foodiegal...are you thinking of Nuevo Onda? b/c it closed, i never tried it. i can't picture any other Mexi places on Escarpment/Slaughter...

              can't wait for Mandola's to make its appearance.

            2. This board has always given props to Polvo's. I haven't tried it yet, but the menu looks very inviting.

              1. I just tried Texican Cafe at Brodie Oaks (Lamar & 360) - though I realize it's a bit further from Davis Ln - and was impressed. Great (enchilada) sauces, tender meat, great flavor all around. The service was amazing. The atmosphere is really pleasant but of course decor is cheesy as heck.