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Oct 16, 2009 02:16 PM

Turkey Wings??

I got a bunch of extra turkeys wings for thanksgiving last week. I seasoned them up jerk style and chucked them in the oven, they were awesome. It got me thinking. Can I deep fry turkey wings like I do chicken wings? Honey garlic turkey wings anyone?

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  1. I don't see why you couldn't. Some friends and I once fried capon wings--they're not as big as turkey wings, but same idea. And if you can deep-fry a whole turkey, why not just the wings?

    Tangent: in our family, the wings are the most coveted part of the roasted turkey at Thanksgiving. Something about the roasting and all the lovely fat on the wing makes them almost a confit <drool>.

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      Confirmed about frying the wings. On a deep-fried turkey the wings are always fought over.

    2. I like to fricassee them, along with carrots and celery. Sometimes I add dumplings as well.

      1. I attempted this about a year ago with some help from Chowhound,

        They turned out decently - but you do have to watch the suckers, they do motor around in the oil!

        But please, no honey garlic!!! :p

        1. And, now that commercially raised chickens have had all the flavor removed, I find that turkey wings make the best base for "chicken" soup.

          1. I've been making "buffalo turkey wings" for a few years now. The wing works well, the drumette portion not so much. Soak them over night in buttermilk to soften them up a little. I also like to grill/smoke then braise in a little whiskey or honey bbq sauce.