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Oct 16, 2009 01:34 PM

Safari Village

Anyone been to Safari Village, near Coxwell on Danforth? Thoughts?

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  1. Answered my own question on this one. Went there on Sunday at the suggestion of a musician friend with a penchant for African cuisine, as it supposedly serves east African and French Caribbean creole food. Luckily, I got there first and walked into a completely empty room but for the manageress and two old guys playing chess. I sat down and she bought me a menu from Gojo restaurant, with no comment! I was pretty surprised, as I know this restaurant near Pape as I walk by it frequently. This menu was of course pure Ethiopian. I asked the lady if they still served the creole cuisine promised on the sign and she replied no, they are now an Ethiopian resto! Weird. I love Ethiopian food, but that is not what my friend drove in from Pickering to eat. There seems to be no attempt to change the signage or give any clue whatsoever to diners that the restaurant has changed. I was certainly not going to eat in a room devoid of any customers and with no smell of food at all. I suspect the food is prepared at Gojo and then microwaved there, as the hostess appeared to be the only person working there. It was all very strange. We decamped for a lovely meal in Chinatown east instead. I'm not sure how they stay open, as no one seems to go there.

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      Addendum: Apparently this place used to be quite worthwhile. Check out this review:
      Wonder what happened?

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        Would love to know if the proprietor is cooking elsewhere. Am sorry to have missed this place.

    2. I'm not sure how the place stays open either, as it is always dark and locked up when I pass by.