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Oct 16, 2009 01:18 PM

Seeking great (or at least good) red-sauce Italian in Seattle

Are there _any_ decent red-sauce Italian places in the Seattle area? Some place that serves a good antipasto, worthwhile American-style (thick sweet tomato sauce, piles of cheese, pepperoni, sausage, etc. toppings) pizza and other comfort food? There seem to be a couple good Napolitan pizzerias, including my current favorite, Serious Pie, decent deep dish (Wallingford Pizza House), Salumi has decent food but is much too limited, there is nothing similar to SF's La Osteria for Northern Italian, and I haven't found anything for good East Coast-style Southern Italian. Help.

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  1. I would suggest the Pink Door. A chance for you to blend your burning desire for red sauce with a hidden Toulouse Lautrec fetish creating a unique cross cultural experience.
    Don't miss the bagna cauda.

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      Thanks everyone, the wife and I will try working our way down the list. It is pretty pathetic to find yourself trying to decide between Old Spaghetti Factory and Buca di Beppo, which is what I was stuck with after trying several random non-chain places in town. Oh, and my Toulouse Lautrec fetish isn't really hidden.

    2. In terms of American-Italian comfort food, the Italian Spaghetti House in Lake City can't be beat.

      1. Old style EyeTalian at Salvatore, on Roosevelt, is fun. I had the best piece of Halibut of my life there.

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          Straying a little from the "red-sauce" direction, but good, Perche No, in Wallingford, is quite good, as is Cantinetta, new, on Wallingford Avenue. Blocks away, on Fremont, brad's Swngside Cafe is a favorite.
          Salvatore just cracked me up. The service was attentive and professional, the food quite good, in an old-school sort of way. The waiters wore white shirts and black suits and the whole scene made me expect Bugsy Siegal to come out from the back with a fish wrapped in newspaper...

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            Perche No was one of the non-chain restaurants we tried. It seems to get great word-of-mouth and was packed a couple of times we wanted to check it out. When we finally got in (this was when they were back in Queen Anne next to Pesos), my wife and I agreed that the food was ok, not bad, but not great and not a good value. I thought the place was pretty generic. I don't mind when something outstanding like Lark or original Union menu costs a bit extra... but places like Perche No... not so much. My favorite Perche No type place in Seattle is Rialto on Fremont. Not quite the oldfashioned experience I was looking for in the original post, but an unmitigated pleasure nevertheless.

        2. Pizutto's in Seward Park fits the bill. I can't speak to the pizza, but the cutlets and pasta were right in the zone. My Trenton-raised wife approves.

          1. I'm a fan of Rialto for this kind of food.

            Rialto Italian Restaurant
            4307 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103